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Personal Psychic Reading in Summary

What is a psychic reading?


A psychic reading is a certain way or method to gather, collect and accumulate useful and relevant knowledge and information about certain people with the use of strengthened and enhanced psychic or intuitive abilities or the extrasensory perception.


What is an extrasensory perception?


It is a psychic’s ability that allow them to perceive and collect knowledge through the use of their sixth sense. An average human being has five basic senses: sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of hearing, sense of touch and sense of taste. The sixth sense is considered as the mind’s eye and it enables a psychic to see things that are beyond an average human’s sense of sight.


There are five common extrasensory ability that a psychic can possess and develop throughout their psychic journey:


1. Clairvoyance – clear seeing

2. Clairsentience – clear feeling

3. Clairaudience – clear hearing

4. Claircognizance – clear knowing

5. Clairgustance – clear smelling


A psychic reading is most commonly known as a an appointment or meeting that is related to anything paranormal as it uses energies, auras and even spirits, to gather the significant and beneficial information about a certain person’s life.


A lot of people are actually skeptical about psychics and psychic readings because there is no proof, confirmation or evidence as to where the knowledge and information gathered and accumulated by the psychics. When you ask psychics where they got their knowledge about you, once you have tried having a psychic reading on your own accord, they would just say “I say it in you” or “I just know” or “The spirits told me about it”, then you might find yourself a bit cynical about the information and, probably also about the whole psychic reading process.


But even though there are a lot of negative things and comments about psychics and psychic readings, there are still quite a lot of people who chose to believe and have faith on what they ‘see’ and ‘know’ about other people. Because these people believe in psychics and they are open to the idea that some of us here on Earth are certainly gifted, skilled and knowledgeable with unbelievable abilities and gifts given by God and developed by men.


Yes, there are actually people who were born with psychic abilities, as they can “see” things that normal people do not actually see. They might have gotten this ability from a relative who also used to have intuitive abilities and extrasensory perception. But there are also people who work their way around these abilities and tried to develop and enhance them on their own. It take quite a lot of time, yes, to master one’s psychic ability as you would have to focus and meditate everyday to calm yourself and to balance your life. Also, you would have to make yourself open, your heart, your mind and your soul, to be able to connect to the energies, auras, vibrations and spirits, collect the knowledge and information about other people.


Personal psychic readings are done privately with a genuine psychic. Why would you even want to have one? Well, personal psychic readings would be able to help you with your problems, issues and hardships in life. You might be struggling about something in life and you would want to seek out quality advices and insights that you could actually use to improve and amend these struggles with. Psychics would be able to help you with that. They could lay out all the possible choices, options and alternatives that you can do and choose from so you could mature in your own way.


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