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Palm Reading 101

Palmistry is the art or application and practice of interpreting one’s personality, disposition or character, and it is also a way of predicting and determining the future by evaluating and scrutinizing a person’s hand lines, palms, fingers and other hand features. The concept of this divination is to examine the palm and hands of a person to be able to predict and gather spiritual knowledge about the person’s career, fortune, relationships, marriage, love life and overall happiness.

Another term for palmistry is chiromancy. The person who practices this art is called a chiromancer or a palm reader. Most people, especially those who are more inclined scientifically, consider palmistry or chiromancy as a pseudoscience as there are various possible interpretations about a person’s palm lines, fingers and hand features and may somehow give conflicting and inconsistent outcomes and conclusions.

Origination of palm reading

It is believed that chiromancy or palmistry originated from India. It then spread out to other continents such as China, Egypt, Greece and Europe. From India, palmistry progressed to Greece where a famous Greek philosopher named Anaxagoras practiced and mastered it. At first, the craft of palmistry was first learned and explored by the ancient Indians and then it was carefully deliberated as one of the sciences like astrology and they did not consider it as a superstition. In the middle ages, palmistry was banned and precluded by the Catholic Church as they deem to believe that it was a pagan belief. And during the Renaissance period, palmistry was categorized and withheld as majority of the people see it as a forbidden art along necromancy, geomancy, pyromancy and hydromancy.

The comeback of palmistry

There is a society in London called Chronological Society of Great Britain that was found by Ms. Katherine St. Hill in 1889. The main goal of the organization is to bring back and bestow development and refinement in the art of chiromancy or palmistry so that frauds and cons would not be encouraged to deceive people by misusing and corrupting the essence and beauty of the art. After almost a decade, the start of another association called the American Chirological Society was established and launched by Mr. Edgar Valcourt – Vermont in the United States of America.


The art of palmistry practices the interpretation of one’s personality, disposition or character, and it is also a way of predicting and determining the future by evaluating and scrutinizing a person’s hand lines, palms, fingers and other hand features.

All of the lines and bumps in a palm proposes various meanings and interpretations yet it still depends on the size, shape, number and junction of a person’s hand or palm. Majority of the palm readers would also consider the skin texture, fingers, fingerprints, skin patterns, skin color and the flexibility of the hand in interpreting a person’s hand.

Palmistry has been cradled from Greek mythology and palm readers believe that every finger and every bit of space in the palm is affixed and linked to a god or goddess. As to this belief, the palm readers think that everything that can be seen on a person’s palm is equivalent to an aspect of a subject.

Understanding of the shapes and lines on a hand

Three major lines on the palm

  1. Heart line

This can be found under the fingers at the top part of the palm and this can depict our emotional state. A palm reader can also predict the person’s romantic harmony or intimate connection with the people in his life and how he or she handles his or her relationships.


  1. Head line

This can be found under the index finger up until the edge of the pinky finger and this can depict our intellectual capacity, learning styles and the desire of a person to learn and how they think.


  1. Life line

This can be found near the thumb and arcs down just above the wrists and this can depict a person’s well-being and health.


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