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Overview of Things You Have to Know About Psychics

What is a psychic?


Basically speaking, a psychic is someone who claims to have a special ability that no ordinary people possess. It is called an extrasensory perception or the ESP, it is also known as the sixth sense. Psychics can gather and receive intuitive knowledge and information about certain people by clairvoyance, telepathy and mediumship.


Clairvoyance – the ability to see what the naked eye can see. Clairvoyants are people who can perceive relevant and important information about other people by seeing with their minds. They usually see images, pictures, symbols, lights, colors and visions in their heads that tells an important message or information about the psychic’s client or a certain person.


Telepathy – allows a psychic to read the minds of other people or to communicate with their minds.


Mediumship – this allows psychics to contact a person’s spirit who had passed away and communicate with them while gathering significant knowledge about the sitter or the person who had wanted to contact the spirit.


Have you ever wondered about being a psychic yourself and having psychic abilities? Have you ever experienced paranormal tendencies such as deja vu or spot-on intuition or unusual dark feeling when inside an abandoned house or a secluded road? Well, most of us do experience these things as it is believed that we all have hidden psychic abilities, especially when our gut feeling acts up or saves us from a horrible situation. It is just that most of us are aware that psychic abilities exist and that is why they enhanced their capabilities allowing themselves to see and read auras, energies and vibrations from different people, places and things.


What are the signs of having psychic abilities?


1. You feel as if you have higher intuitive abilities than most people around you.


For example, someone calls your landline at home and you eventually have a strong feeling that it was your aunt from another country who is calling. So you answer the phone and you were right! It is like predicting something before it even happened or before knowing any details about it.


2. You see visions every now and then which makes it normal for you to see everyday.


Visions aren’t really long, detailed images in your head. Oftentimes, visions are just like glimpses of events and happening that flashes in your mind, giving you a clue of what is there to come or what might have happened in the past.


3. You have a gut feeling that always seems to be precise and correct whenever it acts up.


You always have that feeling that you know that something bad will happen. It’s not because you are anticipating it to happen but you just know. You have a strong sense of feeling, even if most of the times you do not have a certain explanation about things.


4. You have experienced Psychometry.


Psychometry is basically a psychic ability that allows you to see the past or the history of a certain person, place or thing when you touch it. It happens when you touch the hand of a person and you experience or see what they have gone through. Some psychic with a heightened sense of Psychometry can even taste, smell and hear what the person had experienced before.


5. You get to have vivid dreams at night.

...and you remember them right after you wake up, as in very detail of the dream. Usually, psychics say that these could be premonitions or predictions that say a lot about what might happen in the near future. Or sometimes, it is connected about a certain person, allowing the bearer of the dream to gain and gather additional knowledge and information about them.


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