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Online tarot card reading

Tarot card reading is usually done by experienced psychics who knows how to read other people with the use of tarot cards. In a tarot card deck, there are 78 tarot cards and every card has its own meaning. 22 of these cards are called Major Arcana cards and 56 are calls Minor Arcana cards that has four suits which are the Swords, the Cups, the Pentacles and the Wands.


The Minor Arcana cards; also known as the Trump cards, – 22 cards – can reveal spiritual lessons and characteristics of a person.


0 – The Fool

1 – The Magician

2 – The High Priestess

3 – The Empress

4 – The Emperor

5 – The Hierophant

6 – The Lovers

7 – The Chariot

8 – Strength

9 – The Hermit

10 – Wheel of Fortune

11 – Justice

12 – The Hanged Man

13 – Death

14 – Temperance

15 – The Devil

16 – The Tower

17 – The Star

18 – The Moon

19 – The Sun

20 – Judgment

21 – The World


The Minor Arcana cards – 56 cards – can show and tell you about the everyday activities that you do as a person.


Fire Element

This suit in the minor arcana may tell you about creativity and will


Air Element

This suit in the minor arcana may explain about reasons in your life


Water Element

This suit in the minor arcana may reveal something about emotions and love


Earth Element

This suit in the minor arcana may tell you about possessions and material things


Tarot card readings are just like other psychic readings, it may or may not help you about something that has been bothering you for quite a long time now. The difference is that you do not get to ask questions as the psychic will have to draw out cards, depending on the spread that the psychic would use, and these chosen cards will speak about your hidden desires and the things that have been disturbing and upsetting you.


Here are the different kinds of spreads that the psychics might use during your reading:









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