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Online Psychic Test

If you are a budding psychic and wish to test your psychic abilities, the best way is to have an online psychic test. There are many types of tests available online. The most popular psychic test is based on Zenner cards designed by Dr. J.B. Rhine. Dr. Zenner was a psychologist who conducted statistical experimental tests in extra sensory perception. The cards were shuffled and each card was held with its back towards the subject who was asked to guess and identify the symbol or the picture on the card. Later an online version of the test was prepared.

The online classic test consists of cards bearing pictures or symbols related to a theme such as shapes, colors, faces, numbers and so on. You have to predict the picture or symbol on each card by clicking on the card on your computer screen. This test should be taken 10 times. In order to test yourself thoroughly, you should take all the 10 rounds. The results are then complied taking into account the conditions and chance.

For example, the first set of cards may consist of figures such as circle, square, triangle, stars and waves. You are required to choose a card and predict the figure on it.

The second set of cards may consist of colors depicted in circular forms. The colors may be blue, red, green, purple and yellow. Click on the color you choose and then find out whether your choice matches the correct one or not.

The third set of cards may be of five different human faces—of men, women, children, old, young, black, white and so on.

The fourth set of cards may be based on numbers starting from 1 to 5. Similarly there are cards bearing letters of Alphabet-A, B, C, D, and E, foods such as apple, grapes, banana, pumpkin and artichoke, wild animals such as lion, tiger, leopard, elephant and giraffe. The success level formula used with the Zenner tests is:

Less then 1.96 indicates no psychic ability.

1.96 to 2.58 indicate some psychic ability.

2.58 to 3.00 indicate significant psychic ability.



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