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Online Card Reading Versus Face-to-Face

An online card reading is basically just the same with a tarot card reading done personally, it just happens online. It could tell you the same things that can would hear during a face-to-face session with a psychic. This just give the clients the convenience while having the reading because some of us can barely manage our everyday schedules. You can have online card readings wherever you are, like coffee shops, in your car or at the comfort of your home.


Why would you pay for online card readings?


Aside from its convenience, some people opt to choose to have online card readings because they are very private people. They do not want to share too much with the reader that is why they do it via chat rooms or private emails. This is to protect their private information and stories from people whom they barely know.


Also, it is also another option for people who are not confident enough to speak to someone whom they aren’t close with. They will have to share embarrassing experiences, deep life stories and darkest fears once they engage themselves in a reading. Some of us just do not feel comfortable speaking about sensitive topics and our deepest secrets. It is best to have online card readings because, at least, you are not talking directly or personally to the psychic.


Online card readings could be done via a structured system or via email


Structured system means that you will have to look for a website that offers such services and create a personal account with them, along with your personal details such as your name, your birth date, your contact information, your email address and your payment preference. After this, you will be asked to choose your cards from an online deck of cards. Once you have chosen your cards, you will choose a psychic reader who is available at the moment of your reading and he or she will interpret and relay the message of the cards that you have chosen for you. They will do it in a certain time frame, probably try to squeeze it in from the time that you paid for, and wait for your follow up questions regarding the reading. You can ask anything that you are concerned about and the psychic from the other end will try the best to answer most of your questions, if not all.


Email reading means that from a website that you have chosen that offers the service, you will just have to fill out an online form that requests for a conversation or a reading with a reader who is available at the moment. The both of you, client and psychic, will speak to each other via email. You ill first discuss the basic things being tackled during a reading like how long you will be talking, what type of questions you are going to ask the reader, how much you are paying and the likes, before proceeding to the most important part of the email reading which is the reading itself. You can ask anything and the psychic will try their best to respond and answer within that discussed time frame.


So which is better: face-to-face readings or online readings?

The answer to this depends on the person who wants the reading. Face-to-face readings are basically for people who enjoy personal company and it is for those you think it is okay and comfortable to spill everything regarding their lives to a psychic, as long as they think he or she is helping them. While online readings are for more private people and for the people who do not have enough time to meet up with a psychic personally.


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