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Numerology report

Numerology deals with the study of the relationship between numbers and objects that currently exist in the living world. This system is said to be mystical due to its correspondence with paranormal things. Numerological divination by systems became popular in the early centuries. This is made due to some mathematicians' influence. One of the said mathematicians is Pythagoras. Numerology was considered as Pseudomathematics. This field deals with the study of numbers that has a far involvement on the usual mathematics people are dealing in today's science community.


The field of Numerology started in the 6th century. It was popularized mostly in the coasts of Greeks. Pythagoras and his followers are said to be the ones that pioneered its discovery. The concept of practicality that time was also questioned giving the idea of "mathematical concepts have greater actuality" an optimistic breakthrough in the scientific community. There were many personalities that made their way in this field. Some of which are St. Augustine of Hippo that wrote a scripture of how numbers define the universal language of people, Ruth A. Drayer that authored a book on Numerology which says that Pythagoras' work is related to Biblical references and Sir Thomas Brown who authored a literary discourse "The Garden of Cyrus". Sir Thomas Browne's literary discourse dealt with the essence of number five in the Quincunx pattern. It is said that the number five influences many things in the living world like arts, design and nature.


In acquiring numerology report, it is important for the client to include the full name and birth date. These areas are used to calculate equations which may result to potential readings and data regarding one's personality. These two quantities are calculated independently. Thus, combining the two calculations would greatly point out the significant fact about the client. In dealing with birth dates, the use of Gregorian calendar dates is essential. Other calendars may issue inaccurate readings. Lastly, it is important to put no numbers in your Name. The numbers may be omitted in some cases. There have been testimonies that results will not be skewed if Names won't contain numbers.


Numerology readings are said to have two aspects. The first aspect is reading one's personality through his/her name. The numerology reader may personally see through the client's desire, personality and other deeply buried characteristics just by observing his/her name. The second aspect is about the client's birth date. It is predicting that a person's life will be guided by the date of birth he/she has. This influences the person's path. Although there are some people who have same birthdays, it is unlikely for them to have similar names. In this case, people would be able to know general situations and problems that he/she may encounter.

Knowing simple things like how a person's energy is influenced by numerology is an important factor of undergoing numerology reading. Positive purposes were carried out before which supports the existence of the field of numerology in this time. One is assured that numerology readings may provide them with information regarding their potentials and positive aspects in like. It acknowledges things that satisfy a person's desire for happenings in the future.


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