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Numerology Readings

Numerology deals with a belief that there is relationship between numbers and objects or living things. It was said that this tradition poses a mystical influence of numbers in the events that transpire in our daily lives. Numerological divination is popular with mathematicians such as Pythagoras. However, one should take note that numerology is in different spectrum than the usual analytical mathematics. Thus, this is regarded by scientists as Pseudomathematics which means a different part of different side of mathematics. One can compare the relationship between numerology and mathematics with the relationship between astrology and astronomy. These two fields deal with the arrangement of stars but are interpreted in a different manner.

Numerology dates back from the 6th century B.C. Ancient culture teachers like Pythagoras and his followers are the said pioneers of the field. Pythagoras believed that mathematical concepts are more easier to classify than physical objects. Thus, in they’re belief concepts related to numbers are better to work with.

St. Augustine of Hippo was able to write a book that talks about numbers as the universal language of humans. He believed that all things can be described by numbers. There are numerical relationships that are waiting to be discovered. It’s like an encrypted secrets that are needed to be unlocked. His goal was to investigate the secrets of number relationships and be able to use it in divination.

Modern Numerology have been structured using various interpretations that sprouted throughout the years. In 1658, Sir Thomas Brone published a literary discourse that attempts to tell its readers that the number five is related in arts and nature. Furthermore, Numerology was developed and was called as the system of “Pythagorean”.

Stated below are the said meanings of numbers.

1 – Yang

2 – Yin

3 – Interaction

4 – Creation

5 – Restlessness

6 – Responsibility

7 – Consciousness

9 – Highest level of change


Alphabetic systems also eveolved from numerology. There are assigned numerical values to the letter of the alphabet. This practice came from the Jewish tradition. It’s like assigning a mystical meaning to the said number digits. These words and letters are connected to the numbers as if they are they’re equal values. For example,

1 = a,j

2 = b,k

3 = c,lu

4 = d,m,v

5 = e,n,w

6 = f,o,x

7 = g,p,y

8 = h,q,z

9 = i,r


Thus, for the word “day”, it’s corresponding number is,

Day = 4 + 1 + 7 = 12.

A simpler way to determine the number value of a letter, we may divide its alphabet place number with 9. The zero result means the number 9. There are also other methods that exist. Calculations sprouted using different methods such as Phonetic, Japanese, Indian, Arabic, etc. We should remember that numbers are at base 10.  Computing at different base may result in different number that may cause confusion.

In today’s time numerology is related with occult in the same way astrology and divination is. This terms may also be used in studying numerical patterns found in scripts left by historical events.


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