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Numerology- More Sense in Numbers

Numerology is something that can be interesting among teenagers since these are the people who are so eager to know about life.  But adults may also find it interesting and very useful for some who has a strong sense of faith in it.  Some adults use it in making decisions in their lives such as picking a wedding date, when to start a new business or even the dates when to make important appointments to achieve favourable results from such event.  It is a study which involves the association of a particular letter to a number and the comparison results to the uncovering of hidden meanings associated.   Older practice deals with words, names and dates while modern practice deals with individual interpretations of associated numbers. If you want to uncover a relevant concern for the day, in most readings will combine your date of birth and name to provide a more objective interpretation which requires attention to details.  This is because a mistake in number-letter pairing or a miscalculation will give an inaccurate reading.


Surprisingly, most attributes associated to the reading concerned are true and can be a complimentary study with astrology.   Remember that numerology is more specific and personal in nature which makes it more interesting.  It revolves around the numbers 1 to 9.  For a name, “1” is associated with the letters A, J and S; “2” is associated with the letters B, K and T and so on.  The numbers associated to the letters are added up until it is reduced to a single digit number for a basic meaning or attribute.  


How do you get a reading?  There are three kinds of number association that is relevant in numerology reading.  These are the destiny number, the soul urge number and the inner dream number.   First, calculate your full name using what was registered in the statistics office. This will provide your destiny number or name number which is in general, more inclined to the profession or career best suited to an individual related to a name.   You can also use your changed name as a result of correction as this may have strong impact in the reading especially if the change has occurred for quite some time.  In some readings, the first name is more important.  This is because it is focused on interpersonal relationships.  Next, calculate your birth date to obtain your soul urge number or date of birth number.  Use the correct date regardless of what was registered. The soul urge number is associated to the private side of a person, such as the likes or dislikes.  Lastly, calculate the consonants in your birth name to be able to compute for the inner dream number.  This number is associated with your dreams and fantasies.  Moreover, it relates to the first impression you project to individuals you encounter.    

Having said all these, it is quite important to say that using numerology can be used as guide in life to make your life easier and better.


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