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Nine psychic skills and how they work

What are psychic skills?


Psychic skills are the supernatural abilities that has been gifted to a person. To use psychic abilities, you must first identify if you possess the “sixth sense”. The Sixth Sense is an intuitive ability or intelligence that allows a person to be aware or to gather knowledge and information about events, occurrences and circumstances that could not be elucidated or interpreted by the five basic sense or the normal perception.


This means that if you have psychic skills or abilities, that is being accompanied by the sixth sense, then you are able to gather, obtain and “see” information and knowledge from beyond the physical world. To utilized this ability, you must develop and widen your degree of awareness. In layman’s term, psychics are also dubbed as Sensitives.


What are the different types of psychic abilities?


  1. Clairvoyance

This is the ability to “see’ the nonphysical realm or aspect clearly along with the confined energies, aura, feelings and the consciousness. Clairvoyants would be able to use clairvoyance in autoscopy and heteroscopy if they are able to fully enhance and develop their abilities.


  1. Clairaudience

This is the ability to “hear” the knowledge and information regarding an upcoming event or incidents in our physical world, and also gives the clairaudiences an idea about what’s happening in the spiritual realm.


  1. Clairsentience

This is the ability to “feel” the neighboring and confined energies and the nonphysical perception and awareness. Clairsentients are sensitive people and sometimes, they can even smell nonphysical scents and aromas.


  1. Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the ability to be aware and to control a dream. People who had experienced it expresses that they were able to walk around, explore the place of where the dream is and some can even fly! Lucid dreaming can be used as an escape to reality if you feel like taking a break from all the stress and hardships in life. If you learn how to lucid dream then you can be whoever you want to be, talk to people whom you want to talk to and go wherever you want to go to. It is the perfect concealed secret that only you know about.


  1. Precognition

This is the ability to collect and obtain knowledge and information regarding the potential and believable future. When you are able to perceive information about the future, it only means that you are able to read the possibilities of what might actually happen based on what is happening at the moment. The future is could change any moment because our present is fully armed with liberty and preferences.


  1. Retrocognition

This is the ability to gather and acquire knowledge and information regarding the past from that could not be discovered, interpreted and deduced by the basic senses or the normal perception. The person would be able to gather the information when he or she enters into a trance and a psychic will guide them to be able to get where the information id stores. Another term for retrocognition is post-cognition.


  1. Telepathy

This is the ability to read and communicate through the thoughts or ideas without using the five basic senses.


  1. Telekinesis

This is the ability to control and move objects without holding or being in physical contact with the object. People who possess the ability of telekinesis are called telekinesists and aside from making things move, they could also make objects disappear and create and generate chemical, mechanical, nuclear, electromagnetic and photogenic effects


  1. Mediumship

This is the ability to establish a connection with the spirits of the people who passed away or other paranormal and supernatural entities and communicate with them in order to get the knowledge and information needed.


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