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Nine of the most famous psychics

There are psychics who already have made a name for themselves even though the psychic industry had only existed and had been accepted among many various nations for a while. Yes, psychics go way back since the 13th century but the psychics then have been condemned and criticized for being frauds and for deceiving people so they went into hiding or kept their talents and gifts a secret to the society. It is only up until this generation where people are wholeheartedly accepting, appreciating and acknowledging the abilities and skills of the psychics worldwide.


Nowadays, people often go to psychics for advices and insights. Some people consult psychics to know what lies ahead or to get a grip of their future. The psychics are thrilled and pleased to be of service to the people who respect them and those who value their gifts and abilities. Although, of course, you may never get rid of the haters, the critics and the detractors for occasionally pointing out their flaws and their inaccurate predictions and insights. But the psychics couldn’t care less as long as they are able to do what they love to do, which is giving out readings to different people and to connect to our world spiritually. As long as they are able to make people happy with the service that they could offer then I think there is no stopping to the ever-growing and wide-spreading psychic organizations, psychic-related jobs and works and psychic appreciation.


Here are some of the most famous psychics of our generations who get criticized but still continue to offer and provide their services to the people who believe in them.


  1. Theresa Caputo – mostly known for the TV show “Long Island Medium” and an author. She is a medium and a spiritual healer for more than 10 years already.


  1. John Edward – appears in talk shows and TV shows such as Oprah, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and a lot more. He’s also an author and he has a mission in life which is to spread and teach people about psychic abilities.


  1. Chip Coffey – he is a celebrated psychic counselor and medium and had clients from different parts of the world. He is also appeared in TV shows such as Psychic Kids and Paranormal State and he is also an author.


  1. Zibia Gasparetto – she is a spiritualist from Campinas, Brazil. She is a writer and was already able to have 30 books published, many of which is about Spiritualism.


  1. Michelle Whitedove – she had appeared on TV shows such as America’s Psychic Challenge and her forte is clairvoyance as she had given a lot of reading to various celebrities.

  1. James Van Praagh – he had appeared on various TV shows and had guested on radio shows for his books, as he is also an author, and for his Spiritual abilities and guidance. He is considered to be one of e the best Spiritual teachers today.


  1. John Holland – he is a psychic medium, a mentor and a spiritual counselor and teacher and he has a purpose in life which is to encourage and enlighten the people the follow and take on their own journey to spiritual growth.


  1. Allison Dubois – she is a psychic medium who appeared on the TV show called Medium. She had dedicated herself in helping out the law enforcement team to solve crimes using her psychic abilities.

  1. Matthew Fraser – he is a psychic medium and believes that his gifts were passed on to him from his grandmother. His ultimate purpose in life is to help the people to be connected to the soul of their loved ones who already passed away.


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