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Names Of Angels Define Who They Are

People have strong belief that ever since we are born, there are angels assigned for us, therefore our guardian angels.  There are also angels who carry their own responsibilities and tasks delegated for them.  Some religions teach about the existence of angels while there are also some who don’t.  Theories are being circulated all around regarding the origin of the names of angels.

The names of angels vary depending from where it came from like religions, myths, and lore or traditional knowledge.  There are angels who are considered to be of good nature while there are also those who are considered as evils, which are commonly known as the fallen angels.

To start with some from the list of the names of angels, we have the Angels of Sunday.  Each hour of this day, there is an angel on duty.  Michael is the main or primary angel of Sunday, and then, starting from the first hour of duty are the following: Michael, Anael, Raphael, Gabriel, Cassiel, Sachiel, Samael, Michael, Anael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Cassiel.  Then for the remaining hours, some of them do double duty.

Afriel, is a traditional kind of angel that safeguards young lives of people not only those in the early ages but also to adults.  He is believed as the angel who grants youthfulness, vigor, and vitality when prayed over him.  Cherubim, also known as the Angel of Wisdom, has described as the angel with four wings.  Then let us go with the Angel of Writers, Ecanus, who inspires all of them to write with all their hearts and truthfulness and aim for the completion of the written task.

We believe that all of us are familiar with the name Gabriel, God’s angelic messenger.  God gave him the strength he needs, and bears joy, truth, wisdom, justice and love.  He also had psychological power of interpreting dreams.  For those animal lovers out there, Hayyel is the right angel, for he is the angel who protects animals and teaches the people to treat animals kindly and with respect.

For matters that concern beauty, we have Iofiel who is the Angel of Beauty and teaches the people the real meaning of beauty and help those who are in low self-esteem by making them realize that all of us are of beauty because we are created through God’s image and all of us are unique.

The previous names that were mentioned are names of angels that belong to the list of good natured angels.   For the opposite part of the good natured angels, there are also fallen angels such as Amduscias who appears as a unicorn, Baraqijal who teaches astrology, Beelzebub is known as the prince of demons, Gusion who can discern the past, present, and future, and other fallen angels who also has their purpose or own description just like the other angels.

There are other names of angels that you can find depending on the church’s teachings, from books, and traditional stories from the past.  The important thing is, whether they do exist or not, there is no harm in respecting their names and identity just like respecting all the other creations that we have known.


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