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Motivation: A Requirement On How To Become A Psychic

If you think you need a supernatural talent to be a psychic, you are dead wrong my friend!  Psychic abilities are not supernatural.  The people who have learned how to become a psychic was able to learn how to enhance their talent and developed the skill by continuously having self-esteem and devotion to use and practice the ability.

Self-esteem is the doorway to discover and develop your psychic ability.  The psychic ability is present in each individual. The reason it does not manifest to most individual is because the physical plane dictates that it does not exist.  Know that a psychic is one who has achieved a state of using his mind in a greater level.   Having that confidence that you are a psychic means you have gone past the restrictions the “physical” has control.

Next step on how to become a psychic is to be able to train your brain to meditate.  Training is important in any activity.  This equips you to be prepared to any circumstance that you will encounter.  This is also true in keeping your psychic ability sharp.  Meditate to be able to attain peace, clarity and happy state.  This keeps you neutral and more sensitive to any psychic impression you will encounter.

Once you have been meditating for a while, your intuition becomes sharper.  To some, intuition is only a feeling. It is more than just a feeling. Intuition is the natural ability of an individual to process information resulting to significant decision making. 

Mental exercises other than meditation help on how to become a psychic.  Your imagination and visualization is enhanced too.  Your creative mind makes your imagination challenge your life to make you want more or aim for a better status.  And visualization, with the intention to produce an image for the purpose to communicate data should be recognizable. However, simple imagination and visualization should be distinguished from the psychic impression that you perceive.

There are ways to receive psychic impressions.  The visual, the auditory and the kinesthetic modes.  The easiest way to describe the mode is by the phrases “i see” for the visual, “i understand” for the auditory and “i feel” for the kinesthetic.  These modes help you know how to become a psychic and realize which particular psychic ability you are inclined to.  There are a number of abilities you may engage in.  They are:  aura reading, astral projection, clairvoyance, faith healing, mediumship, precognition, psychic surgery, telekinesis, retrocognition and telepathy.  Each for a different purpose, these should be nurtured to achieve the fullest potential to extend help to other individuals.  

Whether you consider being a psychic a talent that you have at the time you were born, or a skill you learned through diligent practice, you need to acknowledge both to be motivated. How to become a psychic takes a lot of motivation.  Let that motivation help you channel your talent and skill in the right direction.  Use it to benefit yourself and the people you meet every day.


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