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Mother's Day Present

A woman as a mother is the most beautiful angel that can be seen in human form. This is perhaps the reason why in some cultures she is considered worthy of adoration and worship like Mother Earth. Most great men acknowledge their rise to their mothers’ influence and blessings. A Jewish proverb says that since God could not be everywhere so He created mothers.

Abraham Lincoln owed his greatness and power to his ‘angel mother’ and said: "I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”

George Washington thought that his mother was the most beautiful woman that he ever saw and acknowledged that “All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her." Such great men and many others like them simply echo the emotions of millions of children who owe their success to the love, inspiration and blessings of their mothers.

Mother’s Day comes only once a year. It should be celebrated by their children by paying them rich tributes in form of memorable presents. The gifts can by no means compensate the sacrifices that the mothers make for the comfort and growth of their children. They are only loveful gestures of   acknowledgement of gratitude of the children towards their mothers for their cherished and inexplicable bond with them. The gifts to the mothers only reveal that their children care for them for bringing them to this beautiful world. So give your mother a present that should amply prove that you love her with all your heart. Some of the gift ideas for your mother can be:

Mother’s Day Prayers

No material present can match the power of a heart felt prayer for the health and long life of your mother. A prayer for the health and wellbeing for your mother is an imperishable gift. So present her with a hand written prayer in form of poem thanking God for blessing you with such a kind and compassionate mother in your life. Write this prayer in words of golden color or any other color that suits your emotions and leave it beside her pillow along with a beautiful card. It would indeed make a very sweet and lovely present which she will cherish in her memory for a long time.

Next to prayers the most beautify gift for your mother’s day can be flowers. Whatever the occasion, the flowers express it all.  Bouquets of flowers of different kinds and colors can make a very meaningful gift. They will surely charm your mother who is a living flower for you. You can give your bouquets some beautiful and fancy names expressing your true feelings for her. The names of the bouquets can be like  ‘Sweeter and more beautiful than flowers’, ‘ Let your life be as happy and variegated as these flowers’, ‘May you ever remain fresh and fragrant like these flowers’, Celebration of Life, Grateful thought’ and so on.

Give your mother a really special gift of home spa kit so that she can pamper herself with an authentic spa experience within the comfort of her home. It would be an ideal gift to revitalize her nerves and body and make her look beautiful and youthful once again. It will bring out the best in her and make her more attractive and confident.

You can surprise your mother with a heart shaped 14-k pendant which will accord her a life time beauty and charm. The value of your present to your mother cannot and should not be measured in terms of money. Your present to your mother should convey your love, regards, gratitude, best wishes and appreciation of what she has done for you.



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