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Most Common Problems Married Couples Encounter

In a relationship, it is not always going to be problem-free and happy at all times, especially if you’re married to the person who you chose to be with for the rest of your life. Why isn’t there a perfect marriage? Because:


1. No one is perfect, therefore we all commit mistakes and faults.

2. Problems are inevitable as every human in this world experiences and undergoes difficult situations and challenges every now and then.

3. We get to know our real selves and our partner’s genuine character and personality when we enter marriage.


And you know what? Facing some difficult challenges and making hard decisions are all part of our lives that we cannot run away from. It’s normal. Marriage is all about making the relationship work, strengthening the commitment to one another and reassessing how you and your partner communicate with each other, your expectations from the relationship and analyzing what you both need to work on to make the relationship worth fighting for.


Relationships aren’t supposed to be hard, what makes it difficult are the people involved in it as they tend to change, grow and develop over time. Sometimes, you may notice that your partner doesn’t like doing things anymore that they liked doing before when you two first met. Do not panic as it is normal,  change happens to all of us. All you have to do is to make sure that you try to accept and adjust to these changes that is happening around you. Learn how to adapt and understand that no one is perfect, not even you, not even your chosen husband or wife.


Here are some of the most common problems that couples who are married to each other faces.


1. Boundaries


It is believed that this is the most common problem in marriage as one would try to change their partner to make them better. But this has to stop as the only person whom you can change is yourself and no one else. You partner doesn’t like helping out with the house chores? Well, try to talk to them about it and if they have a valid reason, like backaches or injuries, then let the issue go but if they just natural slobs then you can’t do anything about it. All you can do is try to understand and change how you respond to them. Do not resort to anger as it will just ruin your moment and later on, your marriage.


2. Poor Communication


Arguments and squabbles are normal to married couples, yes, as we all fight over big things and small things. But be aware that trying to communicate with your partner is not the same with just talking all throughout the discussion. Try not to:


- complain

- criticize

- blackmail

- act as a victim


You have to know how to express yourself effectively and let your partner understand what you are trying to say and do the same for your partner.


3. Time Management


Usually, married couples are in the age and time of making themselves busy with work or business so they can save and earn more money for the family. That is a very responsible thing to do so but nowadays, it is becoming quite a big problem as couples get too busy and too stressed that they drown themselves with work. They leave the house at 7 AM and go back home at 9 PM. Couples should know that they should still take care of each other even after the wedding ceremony. Go out on the weekends or prepare a dinner date or watch a movie casually together in a mall. Allot some of your time for work and some time for the family.


4. Intimacy


Sexual intimacy and activities are important for a married couple to pursue but nowadays a lot of married people get tied up with work and reserve no time or give no opportunity for sexual intimacy with their partners. Try to schedule a night when you two are both free and just be cozy and intimate with each other to rekindle the flame of love.


5. Cheating


Whether it’s physical cheating or emotional cheating, it’s still cheating and it will definitely hurt and betray your partner. When you are married or committed to someone, you should not allow yourself to fall for another person and create an emotional affair with them. That is both morally wrong and against the law. You have to control yourself to be reserved only for your wife or husband and resist all the temptations that come near you. Be a responsible partner and do not hurt your significant other.


6. Financial problems


Of course, not only the married couples face this kind of problem but almost everyone as money is important to be able to survive each day. No money? No food, no water, no electricity, nothing. In a relationship, money can cause disagreements, arguments and fights so make sure that you and your partner talk about money and how to spend and save it. This is to clarify that you both agree on how one of you handles the money.


7. Inability to forgive


Yes, it is definitely hard to forgive especially when you were badly hurt despite the reason or mistake of the one person in the relationship. But you have to learn how to forgive because you will only burden yourself with the heavy feeling and the pain inside you chest. Let it go and give you partner a chance to prove that they won’t do it again. Everyone deserves a second chance, yes?


8. Lack of appreciation

This problem is often the reason why people cheat with another person and also the cause of a lot of big problems in the relationship. If you do not show how much you appreciate and love your partner, then there is a big tendency that they look for it from someone else. Make sure that you tell your partner everyday that you appreciate everything that they are doing for you, for the kids and for the whole family and tell them you love them so much. Also, remind them of the reasons why you two fell in love with each other before marriage.


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