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Methods of a Psychic Detective in Solving Crimes

There are many crimes and mysteries that are happening in the real world that cannot be solved by scientific explanations and logics alone. If the community will solely depend on these types of investigation, it will take several weeks or even months and years before the crime will be solved. A psychic detective can help to speed up the investigation and solve the crime as fast as possible. Although psychic detectives are not generally recognized by the police departments, their abilities can really help to solve crimes that are beyond the explanation of science. The question is, what abilities do they have that enable them to solve crimes, or what method do they use? Each detective with psychic ability has its own method of solving the crime.

Telepathy. Telepathy is defined as the ability to be able to communicate with another person using the power of the mind. A psychic detective can use this method to contact a person who is far away and is difficult to contact. This method is also being used to find lost individuals, kidnap victims who are held hostage, and those individuals who have difficulty of speaking verbally because of a tremendous shock that they experienced. In some cases, mental telepathy is used also to communicate with a dead victim. With this, they can ask the victim how he was killed, and who was the murderer.

Psychometry. Psychometry is the ability of a psychic detective to have a clear vision of what happened or what is happening when she or he holds or touches a particular item that is related to the crime. The item can be a personal belonging of the victim, or was touched by the victim during the crime. Psychics who have very strong psychometric abilities can have a clear picture of the past event as soon as they touched the item related to the crime. On the other hand, other psychics need to concentrate deeply to be able to have a clear picture of what exactly happened.

Clairvoyant Retrocognition. Clairvoayantretrocognition is defined as the ability of the psychic detectives to see events that happened in the past even if they were not there to witness the event or did not hear the story from a certain individual. A detective with clairvoyant retrocognition ability can have clear pictures of what exactly happened by visiting the crime scene alone, or by visiting the home of the victim. Any place related to the crime will help the psychic gain knowledge of what had happened.

The methods used by each psychic detective vary according to the psychic abilities that he or she possesses. A psychic can have these three abilities or gifts and used it to solve crimes, while others can only have one or two of these abilities. There are other abilities that a psychic has to solve mysteries and crimes. However, only few psychic detectives are being recognized by the police departments around the world. This is because the abilities of the psychic detectives to solve crimes lack logic and scientific evidences. But, we must also be aware that there are crimes in this world that cannot be solved by science and logic alone.


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