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Metaphysics and Psychics

Going by the definition of metaphysics as the study of what lies beyond the viewable world of senses, psychics is also a metaphysical subject. It seeks to explore the possibilities of the hidden side of the physical world. For example, we see the human beings as bodies-physical entities-working, moving, acting, reacting or talking. The five physical senses of human body enable it to see, feel, sense, smell, hear or taste.

But ask any scientist or physicist   about how the human body feels, sees, senses, smells, hears or tastes, or what is in the human body that experiences what it does through the physical organs or senses. They won’t be able to provide any convincing explanation. The best answer is the biological lingo such as brain, its left and right sides composed of sensory nerves and motors nerves and the related technical details.

Again the scientists do believe in the existence of the human powers of intuition, empathy, telepathy or intelligence. They have tried them in their lab and field tests. Nonetheless, they cannot explain their rationale -- how do these faculties work? or what is it in the human being that works them up?

The answers to these questions or the similar other mystifying metaphysical phenomena   are provided by the spiritual knowledge of psychics. It tells that there is a power called psyche--soul, spirit or mind which commands various invisible-metaphysical- operations of the human body such as the powers of intuition, empathy, telepathy etc. This knowledge helps the psychics to resolve mystifying human problems and tell about the past and predict the future.

 The subject of psychics, thus, deals with the practical side or the application aspect of the fundamental principles of metaphysics in the life of the people. In simple words, if metaphysics is an abstract or theoretical knowledge, psychics apply these principles to resolve real life problems.


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