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Mental Telepathist

Mental Telepathist

What is a mental telepathist?


A mental telepathist is a person who has the ability to communicate to other people through the mind, simply by using their thoughts directly. They can transfer and impart data and knowledge just by thinking about it and focusing on relaying it to the other person.


There are cases that a mental telepathist is not always about talking or communicating through the minds. Some telepathist can only read the minds of the people around them; meaning, they cannot transfer any data or knowledge but they can obtain information about a certain person by reading their minds.

But what is telepathy?


The term telepathy is derived from the Greek terms tele, which means far away and patheia, which means perception or to be influenced by. This term was simplified and familiarized by Frederic W.H. Myers. Telepathy results in making someone consider or reason about something or feeling something by the use of just a person’s mind. This means that the communication happening is beyond a person’s principle physical senses. If you have this ability, you are referred to as a “telepath” or a “mental telepathist”.

Many people mistake telepaths as psychics. Psychics are basically connecting to the spiritual world; communicating through and being able to obtain and acquire knowledge and information from the spirits and the people who have passed away. While on the other hand, telepaths connect through the minds of the living human beings.

Kinds of telepathy


As per the definition above, telepathy is basically about the communication through the mind and the transmission of data, knowledge and information from one mind to another. It’s when one person can make another person think, feel or hear knowledge about a certain something even without the using words, gestures, symbols and senses. It’s all about just plain thought being transferred to someone else’s mind.


Here are some of the kinds of telepathy:


1. Mind Reading – This is the most basic kind of telepthy as it just allows the telepath to read, sense and copy whatever information is on someone else’s mind. They could know what the other person is feeling and thinking at the moment without having to manipulate or interfere with it.


2. Telepathic Impression – This is the ability to plant, introduce and establish knowledge and information like words, thoughts, ideas, images, story lines, etc, in someone else’s mind.

3. Mental Communication – This is the ability to literally communicate and talk by using the mind. You will be able to engage in a conversation with someone just like using a smartphone.


4. Mind Control – This is probably the most advanced ability that telepaths can master. Mind controlling is the ability to command a person or compel and drive a person to do a specific thing or task, just by implanting it on their minds.


In fiction and fantasy, those who have the ability to control the minds of the people around them are expected to enslave them and make them run as their puppets or robots to follow their wishes and commands. In real life, those who are involved in challenging and formidable religions, cults and ideological organizations. Here are some of the practices that they use in order to enhance their ‘mind control’ ability:


sleep deprivation


Subconscious or concealed images

drugs that can alter one's way of thinking



thought - confusion techniques

group thinking

enemy formation or fabrication

twisting and misrepresentation of the awareness of time

controlling or manipulating of the information circulating in the surroundings


These methods could influence a person’s way of thinking as these may input and enforce certain ideals, thoughts, ideas on a person’s mind. Actually, all of us are encountering various kinds of less – intensive manipulation, influence, temptation and persuasion in our daily lives. If you put it all together in a more intense degree then it would be enough to control a person’s mind or influence their behavior and thoughts. Another term for mind control is brainwashing. This is mostly being done to get individuals to act, work and think as one or by the wishes of the leader.


Going back to telepathy, there is actually no plausible and reasonable proof and attestation that a person’s mind can be influenced and controlled by other people. There is still no study that can prove that this can actually happen in real life. Today, researchers reject theories such as ‘brain-wave’ reception. Honestly, you have the option to believe in it. It is your choice if you will believe into paranormal and supernatural things like psychics, psychic abilities and supernatural abilities. Science would not be able to fully support and explain such claims if they do not see solid proof or evidence about it. It would just be put to waste if people would start a debate about psychic abilities and telepathy because we are entitled to believe what we want to believe.

If telepathic abilities are true, what are the advantages of it?


Today, people talk with words, symbols, gestures, actions and many more ways with the use of our basic and physical senses. If we get to enhance, strengthen and utilize the use of telepathic abilities, it would be, like, upgrading our mode of communication and go on speaking to each other without having to say or do anything at all. It would all just be in our minds.


Also, telepathy is considered to be more precise and accurate because it can relay and transmit theoretical, metaphysical, intellectual and a combination of ideas that can form a theory or system. It is definitely much better than our inscribed and spoken way of communication that can only convey and transmit simple knowledge and information.


Telepathy would also allow us to straightforwardly and effortlessly trade a substantial amount of knowledge and information than what our present ways allow. As you can observe, our computer hardware keeps on being upgraded to adequately grasp and control the swiftly expanding and developing needs to exchange data worldwide. Telepathic ability would allow us to have a new medium or way of transferring data and information.


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