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Mediumship in Simple Words

The word ‘medium’ is generally used for those psychics who act as mediums or channels for communicating with the spirits of the dead people.

The truth, however, is that a psychic medium  can not only  communicate with the spirits of the dead people, but also with other divine entities that exist in the universe in the form of spirits or ghosts.

Psychics generally have their guiding spirits or angels whose assistance they seek to resolve those problems of their clients that are normally considered stupefying and seem to defy conventional wisdom.

World renowned psychics like John Edward and Sylvia Browne are the examples of psychic mediums in the sense that they can communicate with the spirits of the dead on behalf of their surviving loved ones.

John Edward demonstrates his ability as a psychic medium on live TV shows called ‘Crossing Over with John Edward’. It was earlier conducted live by Larry King. His current presentation is called ‘John Edward Cross Country’ and is telecast on We TV.

During the shows some members of the audience ask him questions about their dead friends and relatives. He answers them by “receiving clues and images from the other side.”

Interestingly enough the questioning members of the audience do not provide Edward any information about themselves, their family members and the identity of the person who they are trying to connect with “on the other side”.

Edward’s spirit guides “draw him to the people that the spirits are trying to connect with. He only expects the audience   to validate the information he gives them. The basic objective of such medium readings is to let the people realize how such experiences can change their lives.

John Edward, as already mentioned, is an internationally known psychic medium. The truth is that there are thousands of other psychic mediums who can communicate with the spirits of the dead people. Most psychic mediums mention their speciality in their bio data.  


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