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Mediumship Explained Briefly

There is not much difference between a psychic and a medium. Psychics become mediums when they go into trance to seek assistance of the divine powers such as spirits and angels to resolve the problems of their clients or answer their questions. A trance is a sleep-like state. The psychics lie on a couch or a bed before they go into trance. In some cases, the psychics may also keep sitting, standing or walking as they go into trance.


When psychics go into trance, they lose their body consciousness. Instead they become spirit or soul-conscious. Their bodies are taken over by their guiding spirit or some other divine entity or the spirit whose assistance and guidance they seek. It means that the guiding spirit uses the body and organs of the medium to communicate with the client-subjects.


Sometimes, the voice of the psychic mediums changes slightly as they talk. While in trance, the mediums appear and behave like normal people. Interestingly enough when the psychic mediums ‘comes back’ they do not know what transpired during the period of trance.


As mentioned earlier, you can become a medium only if you are not excessively body-conscious. In other words, you should not be overly egoistic and you also be receptive to influences that do not fall within your everyday experience. Besides, you should have an open and a spiritual bend of mind for without these you cannot communicate with the spirits.


Most people associate a medium with a psychic who can establish contact with the spirits of the people who have died recently. Quite often a person dies suddenly and takes away some vital family information with him. Sometimes, it becomes imperative for the survivors to have access to this information.


Take another case wherein a person dies a painful death under mysterious circumstances. The surviving family members are anxious to know how the dying person felt at the time of his death or how he is feeling now that he has crossed over to the other world. A psychic can become a medium and connect with the departed soul and bring back the answers.


There are people who do not believe in spirits or life before birth and after death. They want proof from the psychic medium and so they want to verify the statements he or she makes. The psychic medium can sometimes reveal secrets that are very private. This way they are able to convince the non-believers about the abilities of their mediumship.


Renowned psychics such as John Edward and Sylvia Browne are psychic mediums who fall under this category. They have demonstrated their medium abilities on live TV programs. In the programs, they ask questions on behalf of the members in the audience from the spirits of their dear departed family members and bring back their answers or messages. Quite often the messages brought back by the psychic mediums are so positive and spiritual in nature that they have a deep impact on the lives of the seekers.


It is evident from above that some mediums do not need to lie on the couch or the bed in order to go into trance. They can go into trance even as they talk with their clients, and even gesticulate and walk on the stage in public programs.


This kind of medium ability is called wakeful trance. This state of trance remains imperceptible to the audience. The medium also remains conscious of his surroundings and interacts with the clients as in normal day-to-day life.


A psychic medium, however, can do much more than contacting the spirits of the dead. Edgar Cayce, known as a Sleeping Prophet, was a psychic medium of a different genre. He would lie down on a couch or a bed to go into trance and recommend remedies to cure the intractable health problems that had been declared hopeless by the best medical experts. He would suggest surprisingly simple and effective home remedies for extremely complicated health conditions. His diagnosis and treatment were authenticated by the reputed doctors and surgeons of his time.


Edgar Cayce helped thousands of people through his trance. He lost his own health in the service of the suffering people as he could not withstand the strain of long and tiring trance sessions on a daily basis.


If you are convinced about the powers and abilities of the psychics, you can schedule a meeting with the gifted psychics in the UK or even communicate with them through live chat online or even through email.



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