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Mediumship 101

What is a medium?

A medium is a person who has the ability to see, connect and communicate with the spirits of the dead people or other paranormal being like fairies, angels and demons. They stand as a channel or a bridge to link a living person to a spirit in another dimension with the purpose of gathering and conveying knowledge and information.

Mediums possess a wonderful and extraordinary gift of intensified and upscale sense of sight and they can see souls and spirits unmistakably. With this precious gift, they could help and assist souls in finding peace and tranquility when the souls is in an unsettled and restless state or when a certain soul could not go and proceed to the afterlife.

The ability of mediums could be given and showered to them since their births, so most of the mediums have no choice but to see and communicate to the spirits every day. It’s like they were born for such the purpose of helping and enlightening people and spirits.

What is the difference of psychic reading and mediumistic reading?

A psychic reading would give you ample guidance and insights about your relationships, career, financial and spiritual growth. A psychic will have to adhere and link with you energetically by reading and feeling your aura. This will allow the psychic to gather information and knowledge about your past, future and current self. In layman’s term, the spirit of the psychic connects and links with your spirit and whatever the psychic reveals and gathers then you must use that information to make decisions and choices in life. A psychic reading would probably give you a prominent and commendatory guidance that could help you take a step forward and improve your life. Although, that is the goal of a psychic reading, you still have a choice if you will or will not follow the psychic’s advice following the reading as it is your life and you have the power, over anyone, to change its course.

A mediumistic reading is a reading given by mediums if you requested to be connected to a certain spirit or dead person. To make this happen, the medium will have to raise his or her vibration and the spirits in the other realm would have to lower their vibration on a frequency level for them to possible connect to each other. In layman’s term, the spirit of the medium connects and links to a spirit who is not physically present. Once the medium connects with the spirit of your loved one, they will ask for validations and proof such as birthdays, anniversaries or names, to be able to comprehend and confirm that the spirit is the one that you are trying to call or communicate with. Usually, one spirit would connect with the medium but it happens occasionally that more than 2 spirits are trying to connect during the reading. Mediums believe that there is life after death as they can still connect with spirits and they could ask for evidence or proof from the spirits that they talk to.

Something you should do for a good reading

  1. Make sure that the medium that you are talking to, if legitimate, should not have asked for any information regarding the spirit that you want to contact. All the validations must come from the spirit during the reading.

  2. Think of the person whom you want to talk to before having a reading. Love is energy and it would make the spirit feel your energy and would come to connect and communicate with you and the medium.

  3. Remember that no medium could guarantee that he or she will be connected to the spirit of your longing. They could try but there is no assurance that they’ll be connected.

  4. You would want to take notes while you are on a reading to prevent forgetting the knowledge and information gathered from the spirit.

  5. Make sure to relax and be at ease during a reading. It will help the medium and the spirit to be connected if you are thinking positively and having your mind free from clutter and thoughts.


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