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Are Mediums and Psychics Real? Or are they just faking it?

History is filled with accounts of people who exhibited supernatural abilities and skills.  These paranormal skills include predicting future events, accessing private and confidential information by merely holding or touching a person's hand, and connecting with spirits.  And while many of us will be able to name a few of the world's most famous psychics, a sizable number of people still frown with disbelief on a person's purported “psychic” abilities. Are mediums and psychics real, or are they just fooling us?  Here's a balanced assessment of the real abilities of psychics and mediums. 

What is Mediumship?

 According to experts of psychic research, mediumship involves communication between a person on an earthly plane, and a person in spirit.  There are many goals behind mediumship, and these are to present information, to cause certain types of supernatural activities to take place, to channel certain types of energies. There are also different terms for spirits who use or control a medium.  A spirit who uses a medium for plain communication is called a “spirit communicator”,while the spirit who uses a medium for  manipulating for working with auras or energies is called a “spirit operator”. Mediumship is also distinguished by two major aspects, Mental and Physical mediumship. Mental mediumship involves relaying or communicating information through mental telepathy, without utilising any of the  basic physical senses. The results of this type of mediumship is often expressed or manifested through the medium's mouth.  On the other hand, physical mediumship is where physical systems and energies are manipulated and transformed, and the spirit operator sometimes takes full control of the medium's body, and the results can be seen and heard by others.  

Cold Readings – The Best Way For Spotting Fake Psychics And Mediums

One of the best ways for spotting a fake psychic or medium is in the way the person interprets his client's questions or concerns, by doing a “cold reading”.  A scam artist who is adept at cold reading will often give his clients the impression that they are expressing, or “intuiting” real information, when in truth they're only fishing for information from their customers.  To determine if the psychic or medium is doing a cold reading, look at the person's body language, and the type of questions he or she fires out. A scam artist's body language should be much easier to spot, as they often move their hands, finger or head more often, in the hopes of distracting their clients, without saying a word for a couple of minutes.  Some scam artists have also been noted to do their sessions by telephone, so that customers won't be able to see their inappropriate body language. A scam artist will also ask more questions, in the hopes of fishing out answers from their clients.  A good medium will only require that you offer a “Yes” or “No” for n answer, since they are better equipped to dig deeper into your psyche, and uncover your secrets.

While there are many real mediums and psychics out there who quietly make a living, the industry is sadly riddled with scam artists who are only good at stealing client's money. And while all psychics and mediums will ask their clients questions, the fake ones will only depend on what you say, for them to give a reading. To safely determine if the psychic is real or not, you could tell the person that you're not going to say anything yet, or answer any initial questions, and just allow the psychic to tell you what he “reads” about you. To be extra safe, only go for psychics who were referred to you by  family and friends, as well as check online for reviews by those who have already consulted a psychic. 



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