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Mediums and Spirits: How They Connect

Mediums are people who claim to have the ability to communicate and speak with the spirits of the deceased loved ones and the spirits from the spiritual realm. They can also connect and speak with other paranormal entities such as demons, angels, dwarves, elves and a lot more. Mediumship is the practice or art of talking and communicating with the spirits that is being performed by Mediums. Ever since humans had found ways to be able to connect with a spirit from the spirit realm, they have been fascinated with it and with how humans have the capability to do so. There were a lot of cave paintings that show skulls and bones and spirits and probably also the afterlife, these were made by native Australians way back 28,000 years ago. The practice of mediumship arose in the 19th century and it was also then when the people decided that the practice was used to deceive people and rip them off of money by frauds, tricksters and charlatans. Mediums had lost their credibility and integrity when the people made fun of them and called them fakes and shams. Mediumship has a lot to do with Spiritualism and Spiritism as they need to know a lot about the spirit world and the physical world before they act as a medium or as a channel between the two realms. Once they know more than what a normal person would and once that they have practiced and enabled themselves to enter and access the spirit world, then they could gather and collect information, knowledge and messages from the spirits to carry back in our corporeal and tangible world. Another thing that mediums can do is to let a spirit from the spirit realm to gain control over their bodies so they can act or speak through it as if it is their own. There are two main types of mediumship: 1. Mental mediumship – this is the kind of mediumship where the medium will just have to tune in to the spirit world or the energies around them by listening, seeing and sensing the spirits and their messages. 2. Physical mediumship – this is kind of mediumship is better known as the manipulation of energies and its systems by the spirit. This is when you will hear loud noises such as knocking, voices talking and materialized spirits from the spirit realm. These sessions or readings are usually done inside a dark room. Another thing that you should know is that mediums also possess psychic abilities but psychics don’t normally have mediumistic abilities. They aren’t allowed or capable of talking to the spirits of the ones who left us. Mediums can possess the ability of: - clairvoyance: allows the bearer to see things that are not physically present such as spirits, energies and auras - clairsentience: allows the bearer to sense what the spirits would want to say or talk about - clairaudience: allows the bearer to hear the voices and the thoughts of the spirits nearby - clairolfaction: allows the bearer to smell the spirit, like a certain perfume the spirit loves to wear - clairgustance: allows the bearer to get taste impressions from the spirit - claircognizance: allows the bearer to receive knowledge and information from spirits just by “knowing” it, like trusting their gut feelings So nowadays, people go to mediums to book a schedule for a mediumistic reading session in order to communicate and speak with the spirit of a loved one who just passed away. Not all people are meant to have mediumistic abilities, it is a rare gift given only to few, chosen people.


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