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Mediums - How They Work, What Methods Do They Use and Why Do People Seek Them

A psychic medium is able to tune into another dimension which enables them to see or sense another person or event from another place, time or  realm.  The Medium though their psychic eye perceives these unseen events and relate back to the current time. When the psychic or clairvoyant medium concentrates, their gift opens their mind and it acts like a channel or remote video.

Psychic mediums are people with highly developed psychic abilities who are able to perceive information, states and situations that most people, using the five senses, cannot.  Psychic mediums connect with the unseen world of energy that exists both around, in and out of the seen world of matter.  Dedicated psychic mediums devote their lives to helping others who become lost and unhappy.  Deeply sensitive and empathetic to our energies, they are fulfilled in assisting the lonely, lost or disillusioned to find their way back to their life path. 

The mediums ability can be compared to having a remote camera set up on your computer where you may see another event that is happening on the other side of the world. This remote visual takes place due to the transmission of energy in the form of light. The psychic medium is able to achieve the same result, except instead of physical distance the psychic medium uses spiritual light energy which can transcend time and space to remote view persons that may have passed on. Their psychic medium gifts can also be used to view the future in the same way as previously described.

How do they work?

Psychic mediums have a talent for thought-based intuition.  They use meditation, visualization and other calming techniques to slow the mind and physical processes.  This will alter the psychic medium’s perception and raise their awareness to a higher, more subtle frequency.  They receive signals of energy from the spirit world, spirit guides and those among the living who have an important message.  They translate these messages into language and may offer advice and interpretation as well.

What methods do they use?

There is a variety of tools and methods to channel the energy that psychic mediums receive.  They may use tarot cards, crystals, gems or dream analysis.  Psychic mediums can communicate using clairvoyance, which involves sight, clairaudience, which is hearing, clairsentience which involves touch and even clairoma, the sense of smell.  Some psychic mediums channel spirits directly by going into a trance.

Why do people go to mediums? 

Our lives are made up of urgent needs and desires, confusion and often broken dreams.  Many people feel they have ‘lost their way’ and that life is meaningless.  Religion is declining as a source of inspiration as people, disillusioned with the constraints of church, seek fulfillment elsewhere.  Psychic mediums can help people find their way, regain their reason for living, heal relationships and deal with the emotional limitations that are holding them back. 



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