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Medium and the different kinds of Séances


So, what is a medium? In the psychic world, a medium is a person who has the supernatural ability to connect and communicate with the dead. They get messages from spirit realm in various ways. Mediums get helpful information and knowledge from the spirits of the dead and they pass it along to the living. They can visualize the information in their minds or sometimes, they can hear auditory messages.

According to mediums, the dead could be quite chatty and wouldn’t shut up about the information that they want to get relayed to their loved ones. They hear it mentally and they sometimes get crazy if they ignore the spirit’s request to give out the message.

Another term for talking to the dead people is Séance. It is a French word that means seat or session. This is often known to be a gathering of people who have called upon a medium to receive messages and information from ghosts. The medium listens to the living and their questions, calls upon the dead spirit that they want to talk to or ask the questions to and then proceed with the interrogation or exchange of thoughts and query. Some mediums seem to leave their earthly bodies and enter a dazed state while doing the procedure; other mediums may stay awake and fully aware of his or her surroundings. There are times when there are more than one medium present, information and knowledge from the dead could be passed around in no particular order and it would seem like everyone is talking to the same spirit.

There are different kinds of séances; here are some of the varieties that we’ve gathered for you.

  1. Religious séance

For spiritualists, they call this procedure “receiving messages”, as they think that the term ‘séance’ are for ordinary people. They do their sessions of receiving messages in Spiritualist churches; and they make sure that the place is well-lighted, or Spiritualist camps. They will invite a gifted medium who will be able to relay and connect messages from the spirit realm to the physical world.


Espiritismo, a religion in Latin America that is somehow like Spiritualism, calls the session of sitting down and communicating to the spirits as ‘misas’. They call upon the spirits that are related to or the ancestors of the Catholic Saints or the Catholic Saints themselves.

  1. Leader-assisted séance

Usually, this kind of séance would be done a small group of people. The participants would be seated on a circular position in a dark room. The ‘leader’ of this group should be a medium who will be used to connect and communicate with the spirits. The medium will then be used as a tool to relay and receive messages from the spirit to the other people around him. They could also use other methods to communicate such as psychography which is also known as automatic writing, levitation of things and many more.


  1. Stage medium séance

This is where the mediums stands in front of a number of people and contacts and communicate with the spirit of the dead.


  1. Spiritualist séance

The medium and his audiences would sit at a circular position and allows everyone, all of the participants, to communicate and reach out the spirit world.


  1. Informal social séance

This is where a séance is being held outside of religious and traditional practices and the people doing this session may not have a ‘leader’ or a medium to guide them throughout the whole session. Oftentimes, informal social séances could be done by only two or three people as young as high school students and may just be testing and trying to understand the paranormal realm by trying to contact and communicate with the dead. Sometimes, the young ones will use Ouija boards to perform the séance.



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