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Medium and signs that you might be one

A medium is basically a person who has the supernatural ability to connect and communicate with the people who had passed away. Medium are able to get messages from the spirit realm in various ways and they usually get a handful of  beneficial and valuable information and knowledge from the spirits of the dead and they pass it along to the living. Mediums can visualize the information in their minds or sometimes, they can hear auditory messages. According to some mediums, the spirits of the people who had passed away could be quite chatty and are willing to disclose the information that the medium seeks, the information or message taken from the other realm would have to be passed on and be relayed to their remaining loved ones here on Earth. They hear it mentally and they sometimes get crazy if they ignore the spirit’s request to give out the message.


Séance is another term for mediumship. It’s origin is French and it means seat or session. This is could be a gathering of people who have called upon a medium to receive messages and information from ghosts. The medium gathers all the questions of their clients, calls upon the spirit of the loved ones who passed away whom they want to talk to or ask the questions to and then proceed with the interrogation or exchange of thoughts and query. Some mediums seem to leave their earthly bodies and enter a dazed state while doing the procedure; other mediums may stay awake and fully aware of his or her surroundings. There are times when there are more than one medium present, information and knowledge from the person who passed away could be transcend in no particular order and it would seem like everyone is talking to the same spirit.


There are different kinds of séances; here are some of the varieties that we’ve gathered for you.


  1. Religious séance

  2. Leader-assisted séance

  3. Stage medium séance

  4. Spiritualist séance

  5. Informal social séance


Signs that you might actually be a medium


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