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Meditation: A Tool to Attract the Power of Divinity

The dictionary meaning of the word meditation is to “to engage in thought or contemplation; reflect, to consider as something to be done or effected; intend; purpose: to meditate revenge... cogitate, study, think, contemplate, plan, devise, contrive.”  Going by this definition, meditation can mean thinking deeply on a particular subject. However, in the spiritual term, meditation is a journey which takes you within to the core of your being. In other words, meditation brings you face to face with your spiritual legacy.

So how can one meditate? The first step is to let go and become detached with the body. For this, sit quietly for some time and simply watch the thoughts that go through your head. In other words, see the mind in action. Gradually over a period of time you will realize the futility of these thoughts and emotions. Instead of blocking them from your mind, simply keep watching till you reach a state when these thoughts seem to be totally disconnected with your being.

Once the thoughts and negativity goes, you become like an empty vessel. So the next step is to attract the power of divinity and for this you should start giving your self positive messages like I am a peaceful soul and that you don’t have to worry about anything since the supreme power is there to protect me come what may. Basically through this process, you condition yourself to become totally at peace not only with yourself but also with your surroundings and fellow beings. It is at this stage, divinity begins to flow inside you.

The divinity then takes you deeper into your being till you come face to face with your spiritual centre. It is at this stage that you realize that the supreme power that you were seeking outside, actually resides deep within you. This is called the stage of enlightenment. So meditation is a journey that takes you within so that you awaken and you are no longer a person bound by the five senses but an awakened soul.



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