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Marriage And Unconditional Love

Is love enough to save a marriage? Love is all it takes to get married but it needs more than that to keep the marriage strong. Love is the emotion we feel for another. Love can be sometimes confused with respect, pity, or comfort. Love for the opposite sex can be defined as the highest form of respect and thought for someone else. It is something we feel when we are more emotionally attached to another person. Some may say love is unexplainable, which is partly true, because love is very confusing that its meaning will only reveal once felt first-hand.

Keeping a marriage alive needs a certain type of love- love that is unconditional. After the honeymoon stage with the initial sweetness and caring comes the time when the couple starts looking for a higher form of love. Unconditional love is an essential part midway of the marriage as it is ensuring the happiness of the other without asking for anything in return.

Unconditional love is always thinking of the welfare of the other person beyond one’s personal needs and wants. When both couple feel that they are taken care of and that they are loved, any possible conflicts can be ironed out even before it goes out of proportion. Unconditional love allows someone a big heart to listen and be open to what his other half has to say.

Marriage needs to have this kind of love because there is no perfect marriage and only an unconditional love can see through the imperfections to make the most out of the relationship. Love is essential in a marriage especially because sooner or later there will be additional members in the family. Having a family means having more than one person to think of. It means each one has to look out for more than his self, more than his partner. The responsibility that comes with having a family is heavy for someone whose love is not unconditional.

Children in a marriage make all the difference. These additional members can make the couple stronger or can either overwhelm them. Fights and misunderstandings can easily arise when there is so much going on. Challenges are normal and a family can get through it only with love. When there is love the understanding and patience is much higher. When there is love, one’s pride and ego have no place. The thing is sometimes love is taking the backseat because of the stronger emotions that take over.

Real love is always there but it needs to be taken care of. Real love needs effort. Real love is unconditional love. A marriage’s happiness depends on the willingness of the other half to give all the love he could unconditionally. Happiness will also depend on the decisions that the other half makes. These decisions will surely be for the good of the majority if it weighed with unconditional love in the heart. Unconditional love makes all the difference because it drives each member of the family to act and decide for the welfare of each other.




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