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Love: The Most Complicated Emotion

Love is said to be a universal concept which is hard to define. There are many interpretations and meaning with regards to love available worldwide. Nonetheless, there is still no single definition that can justify such strong word. Views vary from every nation. Some people base their concept through personal, artistic, scientific or philosophic nature of people. It will always run down to one’s point of view depending on the said concepts.


A strong word reflects a very strong emotional and personal attachment. Love is a virtue that represents all things that is human. This involves one’s kindness, compassion and affection. However, there are some religious contexts that dispute love not being a virtue. They relate love as the basis of a Christian being. It also falls on the Christian communities’ phrase “God is love.” Love may not just be found in religion. It may also refer on the actions and attitude towards other people. There is also love for one’s self based on compassion.


One can refer to love as an expression for different feelings. One can feel a sensational love for a specific meal, personal garment or even interpersonal attraction. In today’s time where romantic concepts are very much in demand, love is always portrayed as romantic and intimate love. This may involve sexual love. But first, we should know the two main types of love – impersonal and interpersonal love.


Impersonal love may pertain to love for an object, event or principle. One can feel compassion towards a certain cause. We should know that people are capable of loving material objects and even animals. They can invest feelings to the said things without expecting something from it to return. Interpersonal love, on the other hand, refers to love between human beings. This involves attraction for a potential partner and unconditional love for family relatives. It is in human’s nature to care for their family. Unconditional love is given without anything much to expect in return just like impersonal love. Attraction or a simple liking for another may can be considered as a love for couples.


Psychologically, love is depicted as a part of human cognition. This is considered as a social phenomenon that is naturally present in each person. Robert Sternberg was able to create a triangular theory of love. There are three different components under this triangle. These are intimacy, commitment and passion. Intimacy refers to the sharing of two people with the details of personal lives. May it be about their friendship and romantic dealings. Commitment is about the built trust that can help the relationship stay strong. Lastly, passion may be compared to the fire burning and heating the attraction between the two people. With this three, the state of attraction and love may be gauged.

Love is indefinite. It comes in different forms and sizes. People may find it easily while others struggle. One definitely cannot define it using a single word, phrase or sentence. It is just plainly unacceptable. With proper guidance in relating on this field, one may find his/her way to happiness in love. Love psychics may greatly provide information which may improve one’s current state in love.


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