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Love, Love, Love

Love is one of the most difficult topics one has to face. For years, relationships are considered as natural phenomenon in man’s life. This involves love which people have trouble finding the concrete definition. No one can give a proper definition of love even if they already have felt it. Some people think that love is something brought by friendship. It is one level higher than friendship. There are others who consider finding love as a happy fortune or luck. Nonetheless, people should know that finding one’s way to love is difficult. Love will reveal its special purpose as soon as you acquire its true meaning not in words but in his/her heart.


Love occurs in many people. It can connect at least two individuals. It provides the bond which creates the connection with a link made of trust, intimacy and commitment. It serves as a food for one’s soul by giving comfort. There are many people who expect to understand love at an instant. However, experts say that love is not understood quickly like a snap of a finger. Love should not just be felt. One also needs to experience love.


A relationship between a mother and child is a great example of love. The love binding between a couple who had just married is an example of love too. There are many different types of love. It can come in romantic, platonic, unconditional or a negative one which is unrequited. In order to find love within a person, one needs to see through the eyes of this person. One should be able to find the goodness within the person’s soul. This can be considered as the magic of love. Nevertheless, this is not an east task to do. One cannot easily establish a love connection. We just need to believe God’s words that there is goodness in everyone. And, everyone is capable of loving.


Stated below are the common types of love encountered by people.


Romantic love – an intense and deep type of love. This is commonly shared by two people. It is very intimate and interpersonal relationship which may involve sexual things too.

Platonic love – familial type of love. It may also involve religious love. It deals more with desire and preference.

Unrequited love – is a love that is not reciprocated. It is usually governed by a person’s deep desire on some that is not interested with the person at all.


In the psychological side, love is said to be a cognitive phenomenon. It is dealt with a social cause. It has three components which are intimacy, commitment and passion. There are scriptures that define love a having a high tolerance. These views and descriptions are very much honored by most philosophers and scholars.


The key of blossoming love is the concept of compatibility. There are many people that have passed right in front of our sight but only one would truly conquer our hearts. With proper understanding between each other, the way in creating a strong relationship for love is paved to success.


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