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All of us have at some point in our lives had fallen in love with a special someone. Furthermore, just like the famous song, "love is indeed a many splendored things." And yet as wonderful as it is, it is also one of the trickiest of emotions to have. When someone falls in love, there is a great shift of perception that affects both the physical and emotional aspects of that person, effecting changes somehow considered to be irrational and impulsive. Because of this, it presents events or situations that can be challenging and overwhelming at the same time.

In most cases, when a person falls in love or becomes infatuated with someone, it is said that they become blind or completely become oblivious to someone’s true self other than what they have already formed and concluded in their own minds. This gives truth and credence to the saying that “love is blind” and only “fools rush in” where love and falling in love stands.

This way of thinking is usually the source from where all complications and problems arise when the person fails to exercise sound judgment. Thus feeling and thinking so, people set aside rational thinking and replace it with the exact opposite. And to make things more complicated, people unmistakably make love as a cure-all and fix-all for whatever troubles and challenges come their way. While it may be true that love and being in a strong and loving relationship may bring in many rewards and support in times of need, it is not the one and only answer for every trouble that appears.  

This is where the value of love horoscopes comes in order to bring some form order or be a sort of damage control system to have when faced with situations considered to be chaotic, perplexing, or stupefying. A good love horoscope should bring not only helpful information and counsel but also a little humor on the side to inspire wisdom and laughter to the person involved. What a person can pick up from reading a daily horoscope about love may only find a fraction of what they are looking for and so may fall short on some of their expectations. However, with a love horoscope reading, almost all the essential details about a person’s situation are covered broadly, therefore, providing more important and helpful insights.

A first-rate love horoscope reading is like receiving sound advice from a totally independent and impartial source from a different perspective to evaluate any situation more clearly and precisely. In some sort of way, it is like getting the services of a professional counselor sans the expensive fees. And as horoscopes are based on the individual’s unique character traits derived from their respective astrological symbols, they are deemed more accurate and precise in its predictions and forecasts.

For all its worth, love, even with all its trimmings and shortcomings, has given people all over the world more good than bad by giving them strength and courage to overcome various obstacles despite the many foolish acts done in its name. It may be beautiful but it also needs to be balanced and realistic with sound thinking and judgment.


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