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Look To The Cards To Find Answers About Your Love Life

Love is a simple but magical and indescribable feeling.  It makes people change and learn to make sacrifices for the sake of the other person.  Some may have been hurt because of it in the past. Because of the pain, some have stopped believing true love exists yet there are still others who continue to hope and pray that when the right time comes, they too will find the right person for them. 

If a person has a question about these matters of the heart or is interested in knowing more about their past or present relationship, there is a kind of tarot that helps one establish this.  It is known as the love tarot.  These one of a kind tarot card can help single persons out there identify what qualities in themselves drive their love interests away.  It can tell them about whether the romantic energies are present in their system.  For those who are searching, it can help one find true love. As for the case of couples, a love tarot can help predict the future of the relationship based on the present status.  It can provide details about the strengths and weaknesses of each person and how these can be made to complement each other to build the relationship further.  It can also help the couples analyze the causes about their problems with each other.

The love tarot is similar to ordinary tarot.  The usual tarot cards might be used but there are special cards available, which truly reflect the beauty of love.  These cards are colorfully painted with beautiful art against a white background.  There are 78 cards in total.  Twenty two of these are the major arcana while the rest are the minor arcana.  Some love tarot cards might have the king, queen, prince and princess as court cards instead of the usual king, queen, knight, and ace cards of ordinary tarot.  The suits may also differ.

The commonly used spread for a love tarot is the Cupid’s arrow.  The six cards selected here can help give the person insight about how he sees himself as a person, his romantic energies, his relationship, the negative aspects, the positive aspects, and the future in his romantic life.  Other types of spread might give an in-depth analysis in a relationship.  Others would also tell about the each of the partners, their desires, and their emotions.

In a way, these cards offer knowledge.  In the same way, they can help the couples be more understanding of each other.  It might reflect any hidden conflicts, doubt, or guilt and help in its resolution.

If one wishes to obtain readings about the heart in terms of love, relationship, commitment, and more, there are several online sources that offer these for free.  There are also others who ask for a small fee for a complete reading.  Questions one might have carried for a long time can now be answered.  Thus helping one, share and love the other person fully. 


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