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Live Psychic Reading: How Does It Work?

There are two ways you can communicate with your psychic. One  is to write an email with your questions and wait for its reply from him or her. But sometimes, the question that you want to ask is very urgent and you cannot wait for its reply. You want an instant answer.

Most psychics mention the word ‘live’ below their bio data. It means that the psychic is available for consultation right at that time and that you do not need to fix an appointment with him.

You can chat with your psychic by typing your questions and receive typed answers from him.  Typing, however, is a slow process. You may not be adept at typing correctly. You may commit grammatical and spelling mistakes, which may distort or misinterpret the actual message you want to convey. This may waste lot of time. A benefit of typed psychic chat is that you can save it for future reference in case you forget some part of the conversation.

Or, you can chat with him through a video facility like Skype. In this case you can see his face and hear his voice.  Video talk lends greater credibility to the counselling session.

Another advantage of video chat is that you feel assured and confident when you talk with your psychic, see his beatific and resplendent face and glowing eyes. You feel very close to him. When your psychic sees your face on the computer screen, he can ‘read’ it better. Some psychics are experts in physiognomy—face reading. A face to face conversation creates a kind of rapport and understanding between the two people.


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