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What were the Leading Psychic Predictions for 2012?

For centuries, people have been very obsessed with psychic predictions. And though history's most famous psychics scored a number of direct hits in their predictions, many of their forecasts went off -balanced too.  The year 2012 for example is bringing a dose of hope and fear for many, because of the predictions made by the ancient Mayans.  If you saw that recent disaster flick of the same name, 2012 would certainly be a frightening year. Because of our intense curiosity with what will happen in the future, as well as next year, here's a short compilation of selected predictions for 2012, which were made by popular and sought-after psychics from around the world.   

2012 Will Be A Bad Year For Dictators and Ruling Families

A number of psychics have forecasted that 2012 will be a year for freedom and spiritual fulfillment for many countries.  By next year, the world will witness the crumbling of dictatorships, empires and ruling families who have created hardship to millions of their countrymen.  He psychics also noted that major political and social changes  are going to take place in countries like Russia, China, North Korea and Thailand.

Global Conflicts, And Social Unrest Will Simmer In 2012

The planet is also likely to see a simmering of animosity between major global powers.  Japan is being seen by psychics to get embroiled in another territorial dispute with China, which could end up in a military engagement, or naval blockade.  Iran will also possibly experience another revolution, this time against reigning president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini. Some psychics also predict that  social unrest, brought about by economic hardships and the clamor for more political reform, will take place in countries like Russia, China, Egypt, France, Spain, United Kingdom and also in the United States.  The protests and unrest are likely to happen during the first quarter of the year, between January to March.

US Election Forecasts

A huge majority of the psychics who were asked to make their forecasts for 2012 also agreed that US president Barack Obama is likely to square off with conservative Republican Mitt Romney.  Barack Obama is also feared to figure in an accident, where he will trip or fall, in the first quarter of the year.

Other psychics have also predicted that China will finally lose its reputation as the world's manufacturing and financial leader, as a result of increasing social unrest over political freedom and economic reform. French president Nicola Sarkozy will also be plagued with rumors of an assassinate attempt, especially when he goes on a foreign trip. US space agency NASA is also predicted to discover two new planets next year, with possible life forms spotted.  Russia and Iran are also predicted to clash in outer space, due to a clash over communication satellites.  A brewing conflict is also simmering in the disputed South China seas, involving claimants of the Spratly Islands.  China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan claim total, or partial ownership over these resource-rich chain of islets.  

Are Psychic Predictions Truly Set In Stone?

Psychics, especially the reputable ones, are often noted for offering next-to-accurate predictions, as well as offer timely and useful advice on a wide array of issues, from marriage and relationship issues, to job and business forecasts and other matters.   However, psychics too may miss out on their forecasts, and they they also have their days off, which means that they can't connect with a person sometimes, no matter how hard they try.   Here's a no-nonsense look at the reliability and accuracy of psychic predictions.



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