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Knowing the Basics of Channelling

When a psychic medium goes into trance to contact the spirits of the dead on behalf of their survivors, he acts as a channel of communication between the two parties on two different planes, that is, the dead in the cross over world and the living in this world.  Therefore, the act of mediumship is called channelling.  Channelling or channelled reading is another phrase for psychic reading or medium reading.

But sometimes a psychic channel does not need to lie down on a bed or a couch to go into a trance, or what apparently seems to be a sleep-like state. He may, instead, remain wakeful and aware of his surroundings including the audience. It may be noted that although the medium apparently remains aware of his surroundings, he is still in a state of trance. This state is called a wakeful trance. Psychics often demonstrate this ability of wakeful trance or channelling in public programs and live TV shows.

Psychic mediumship or channelling takes place in a state of heightened spiritual awareness. It is a kind of state when the medium or the channel allows his spirit guide or a divine entity to take control of his body and awareness.

It is believed that people who are highly evolved become spirit guides when they cross over to the other world after their physical death. They assist the psychic mediums or channels to pursue spiritual path. Besides this, they also help the channels to carry out communication with other spirits or the spirits of the dead. Many channels or mediums get their spirit guides as providential gesture of kindness. In some cases the spirit guides may be some evolved member of their family in their past life.

There is enough evidence to substantiate the fact that human intelligence is quite limited when compared with spiritual intelligence. But when the all-knowing and powerful spiritual energy or the spirit takes hold of the human mind and body, it acquires a divine dimension.

A psychic or for that matter any person can become a channel only if he controls his ego and is not overtly conscious of his body. In other words, he needs to become somewhat akin to a spirit. The truth is that nobody can become a successful psychic channel if his consciousness is weighed down by overpowering ego and other negative thoughts and emotions.

Although most psychics are also channels, two names stand out prominently in the world of channelling and these are Judy Zebra Knight and Jane Roberts.

Judy Zebra Knight, popularly known as JZ Knight, is a mystic, psychic teacher, channel and an author. She was born on 16th March, 1946 at Roswell in New Mexico.   She runs her own school named after her spirit guide, Ramtha. Accordingly, the name of the school is Ramtha School of Enlightenment and Judy teaches occult subjects here.

Jane Roberts, an eminent American author, mystic, teacher and a psychic however, is considered to be the most famous channel.  She was born on 8th May, 1929 and she died on 5th September, 1984. During her life, she channelled a spirit guide called Seth. It is said that Jane started receiving some mystical messages from a spirit who called himself Seth. Soon thereafter the process of receiving messages became a regular feature. In fact, she heard these messages in her head.

Later on Jane started noting down the messages that she heard from Seth.  She also went into trance in which Seth took possession of her body and spoke through her on a variety of subjects. The trance sessions were called readings. Her readings were recorded by Butts who acted as her secretary and stenographer. The messages were like monologues—one way traffic.

Jane continued receiving dictations from Seth for 21 years until she died in 1984. She recorded the entire corpus of dictations and named it Seth Material. Jane never claimed the material to be her own creation.

Her husband donated all the material created through her trance sessions to the Yale University Library. They are preserved there under the title of Jane Roberts Papers.


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