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Know your birth stones and their meaning

What are birthstones?


Primarily, birthstones are the gems or stones associated and connected with a person’s birth month. These are vibrantly colored gems that are rare, exceptional and has a distinctive and special meaning. It could be given as a gift for your parents, friends, partners or to your special someone.


It is from the 18th century when the people started appreciating and acknowledging the birthstones.


Here is a lost of birthstones and their corresponding months:


Birthstone for January – Garnet

Color: Dark Red

Meaning: Protection


It is believed that when you bring around garnets anywhere, it repels the evil beings and gives light all throughout the night. If you want to let someone special to you know that you want them to be safe on all of their journeys ahead, you can give them a gift of garnet.


Birthstone for February – Amethyst

Color: Violet

Meaning: Wisdom


The word amethyst is basically from the word “amethystos” which means ‘not drunken’ in Greek. Before, it was used by the Greek people when drinking liquor to avoid intoxication. Although its result to provide alcohol tolerance have never been tested, you can give them amethysts just to be sure and safe.

Birthstone for March – Aquamarine

Color: Blue

Meaning: Serenity


Aquamarines are from the Beryl gem family and known to have a clear color of seawater and the sky. These gems are usually found in Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia and Brazil. It’s known effect is to bring calmness and to give you a harmonious relationship with your husband or wife.


Birthstone for April – Pure Quartz

Color: Clear

Meaning: Strength


Quartz is one of the most standard and most known clan of gemstones and it can be found all over the world. They also have a clear color like the aquamarine. This is the perfect gift for someone whom you want to remind to just remain being strong, passionate and determined.


Birthstone for May – Emerald

Color: Dark Green

Meaning: Hope


Emeralds are scratch-resistant and are known to be flawless gems. It is a great gift to remind someone that problems and challenges won’t last forever or for someone who about to move a step forward.

Birthstone for June – Alexandrite

Color: Clear

Meaning: Love


Alexandrite is a yellow green gem and it is best to be associated with ‘love’ because it only has one color, even under any circumstances, and just like with love, you will know when you have the real deal.


Birthstone for July – Ruby

Color: Red

Meaning: Vitality


Rubies have dark red color and is associated to vitality and strength because it has the same color as our blood. These are perfect gifts to remind your family, friends and loved ones that life still has a lot to offer us.


Birthstone for August – Peridot

Color: Yellow Green

Meaning: Beauty


Peridots are yellow green in color and the darker its color the more precious and upscale it is. This is a fragile gemstone and you need to be extra careful to prevent it from breaking easily. Their green glow that shows off during the night is what makes them so beautiful.


Birthstone for September – Sapphire

Color: Deep Blue

Meaning: Truth


Sapphires are one of the most expensive gemstones and it is blue in color. This is the best gift to symbolize honesty in all of your relationships and it guides you to make better choices in life.


Birthstone for October – Tourmaline

Color: Pinkish Red

Meaning: Healing


Tourmalines are always confused to be other gems because they look like emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Because of their color, which is pinkish red, they have been associated with spiritual healing. It is the gem used on the Queen’s crown, which supports the claim of it having healing effects.


Birthstone for November – Citrine

Color: Dark Yellow

Meaning: Joy


Citrines are known to be one of the most unusual and the most atypical gems that exist. It could only be found in France, Spain, Scotland and Hungary. Citrines are dark yellow in color and they resemble the sun, attracting its power and positivity that allows the bearer or the holder to have mood improvements.


Birthstone for December – Turquoise

Color: Turquoise

Meaning: Friendship


Turquoises are very valuable and it has the same color as what its called. In Turkey, it is known that if you possess this gem then you will be allowed to make friends easily and naturally.




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