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Karmic Astrology

Karmic astrology, as the words suggest, is the psychic art of analysing the problems or predicting the future of the clients through the study of their karmas or actions. Karmic astrology is based on the principle of determinism or cause and effect sequence. While science maintains that every action has equal and opposite reaction, the psychics, especially the witches, go a step further. They have formulated Wiccan law of threefold return. Accordingly, the witches believe that your action generate threefold result especially when you perform an evil karma or action. In other words, if you so wind, you reap whirlwind. Or, if you sow one thorn you reap a thorn bush.

How do the psychics integrate the theory of karma with astrology?

Astrologers are known to analyse the traits of nature and personality of the clients to resolve their problems, tell their past and predict the future. The do so by   establishing link between their date and time of birth with the astrological or zodiac sign and the corresponding   star or planet that is in ascendant position in the east at that moment. For example, a person born during March 21 to April 20 is assigned the astrological sign of Aries whose corresponding planet is Mars. The person, therefore, imbibes the traits of Mars such as strong determination, fiery temperament, impulsiveness, qualities of leadership, ambitiousness, confidence, ability to take risks and so on. A question arises: why is that person born during this period so that he comes under the influence of Mars? The answer lies in karmic theory. The person might have performed some actions in their past life that caused them to be born as Aries and be influenced by Martian traits. Astrological predictions on future are also based on the theory of karma. While a person is destined by the actions of his past karma to be born under the influence of a particular star or planet, he can now shape his future by using his free will to act in the present life. For example, good or bad deeds performed by the person will accordingly determine the course of his future life.


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