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Japanese Anime: Unlimited Psychic Squad

Japanese Anime: Unlimited Psychic Squad


Unlimited Psychic Squad is a spin – off from the original Psychic Squad or most commonly known as Zettai Karen Children in Japan. This manga has a different author than the first and original manga. The Unlimited: Hyoubu Kyousuke is created and drawn by Rokurou Ogaki and was produced and published by Shogakukan, a famous book, literature and manga publisher in Japan. The anime was produced by Manglobe and was shown on TV Tokyo on the 7th of January in 2013 up until the 25th of March in the same year. It has 12 episodes.


Psychic Squad Unlimited or The Unlimited: Hyoubu Kyousuke is a spin – off from the original anime Psychic Squad that was shown on the 6th of April in 2008. This spin – off is basically about the main antagonist or enemy in the original series. His name is Hyoubu Kyousuke and he is the leader of the group “P.A.N.D.R.A.”. Hyoubu Kyousuke is also known to be the mightiest, most substantial and prominent multi-powered esper in both the original series and the spin – off. Kyousuke wants nothing more than a prosperous and flourishing future for his fellow espers or the people with extrasensory abilities. He wants Kaoru Akashi – the leader of The Children which is the protagonists in the first series – to lead the espers as he call her his Queen.


Hyoubu Kyousuke is eighty years old but his appearance is that of a teenager because he uses his abilities to preserve his youth and continue looking young. His white hair is the only physical trait that gives away his real age, it was originally black back when he was young. He is known to be the most spirited and enterprising character in all the versions of the manga and anime as he is clever, intuitive, resolute, decided, committed, ambitious, driven, optimistic, tender, forgiving, insensitive and cold – hearted, all in one character. He is also conceited, strong – willed and childish. He is a very interesting character.


Kyousuke formed and led an organization named P.A.N.D.R.A., where he instilled and established a main goal for all espers, bad or good, strong or weak. He only wants a world where espers have their own rights and privileges, just as the normal humans do. He wants their kind to roam around freely and live with no prejudice and fear. He protects his organization like his own family and has dealt with illegal things and actions to secure the financial flow in the organization. Also, he has a tragic past before he even thought of creating and founding his own organization. He was betrayed and he had lost a lot of people whom he loved. This plot makes it even more interesting for the readers and viewers to stay tuned on the series.


Being a highly – experienced and seasoned esper who possesses the ability of obtaining and receiving a psychic ability of anyone who dies near him, he has a whole collection of his acquired psychic abilities from his childhood and it all keeps on evolving and developing, making him stronger and better. Here are the lists of his supernatural abilities:


A. Psychokinesis – This is a psychic ability that allows the user to move, carry, shift and relocate a person or object through their minds. If given a chance to develop and improve, psychokinetic users would be able to destroy things, stop objects from falling, cut through rock-hard objects and letting the bearer fly and carry himself or herself.


B. Electrokinesis – This is a psychic ability that allows the user to produce, trigger, control and manipulate electricity.


C. Teleportation – This is also considered to be a psychic ability but no one has yet to prove if it exists or not. Teleportation is a psychic ability that allows the user to manipulate and utilize space into transporting, moving and transferring an object or a person from one point to another. It would depend on how strong the bearer from him or her to travel at a certain distance in a certain time frame. Also, it would depend on the conditions of the area or the location that they are trying to teleport to. This is probably one of the most advanced and developed psychic ability in the history of mankind. It is believed that one should be highly intelligent and cognitive regarding the areas that they could travel to and they should also be very responsive and tuned in to spatial alterations, adjustments and twists.


D. Psychometry – This is a psychic ability wherein the bearer can read the energy of a person, a place, or an object that he or she perceives or touches. If you have this ability, you wold be able to know a whole lot of information about someone or something by tuning your energy into theirs, even without having to have a physical contact with the subject. This ability will also allow you to read the minds of the people around you.


E. Hypnosis – This is a psychic ability that allows the user to put one person’s mind to sleep, manipulate their thoughts and making them do whatever the user wants them to do and allowing them to produce images and scenarios in one’s mind.


F. Pyrokinesis – This is a psychic ability that allows the user to produce, trigger, control and manipulate fire.


So, these are just some of Hyoubu Kyousuke’s extrasensory abilities and there are more if you try and watch the anime. It might give you an understanding of how psychic powers and abilities really work. Although, be aware that there might be a little exaggeration when you watch it yourself. Keep in mind, it is still fiction. We think that it is good that there are shows and animes like Psychic Squad and The Unlimited: Psychic Squad for people to watch. This allows them to be educated regarding the matters that they do not want to ask their mothers about and also be aware that psychic abilities exist and that people with such abilities are everywhere.


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