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Japanese Anime: Psychic Squad

Japanese Anime: Psychic Squad


Psychic Squad is a shonen manga written by Takashi Shiina and published by Shogakukan, a well-known publisher of books, literature, dictionaries, mangas and other kinds of medias in Japan. The author, Takashi Shiina is an artist who was born on the 24th of June in 1965. He has been with Shogakukan since 1989 and he is known for short stories and one-shots.


The manga, Psychic Squad, was published and arranged in the year 2005 in Shogakuken’s Weekly Shonen Sunday category. On the 6th of April 2008, SynergySP started airing the anime version of Psychic Squad in North America. It has fifty one (51) episodes all in all and also has an OVA episode that was shown and released on the 16th of July 2010.


The manga-turned-anime Psychic Squad is about three youngsters and juvenile girls with exceptional psychic powers and a young boy who is assigned to attend to them and assist them in honing their abilities and making sure that they properly deal with their mischievousness and naughtiness. He is responsible for cleaning up their mess, apologizing to the people who gets involved and for their evident and striking fondness and feelings for him.

The main setting of the story is in the future, where people with extrasensory perception and psychic powers are becoming greater in sizes and degrees, which makes is harder for the good people to stop when one choose to become evil and plan to destroy the society. That is why in Japan, the Japanese government had to form and inaugurate a special organization or group called the “Base of Backing ESP Laboratory” or B.A.B.E.L. This organization is assigned and responsible for dealing, handling and taking care of affairs and circumstances that could not be dealt with by ordinary means. Their responsibility also extends to seeing to and tackling espers who are caught up in illegal, unauthorized and lawbreaking activities.


A 20-year-old genius, named Koichi Minamoto, was assigned by B.A.B.E.L to a duty of being in charge, administering and being responsible for the most powerful yet troublesome espers in the country. Known as “The Children”, a team composed of level – 7 espers, these three 10-year-old girls are exceptionally skilled and perceptive but they are also very naughty and disobedient.


As the story goes on, the three girls and Koichi Minamoto will deal with quite a number of enemy groups, operations and organizations. Each of these organizations that they will encounter has different clashing and disagreeing views about the roles of espers in this world. They will also be dealing with three (3) large groups of powerful and compelling espers with conviction. One is called “P.A.N.D.R.A.”, whose members are rogue and unprincipled espers who are convinced and firm on the decision to conduct and carry on a war against the whole of humanity. Another one is called the “Black Phantom”, whose members are greedy and covetous mercenaries that conditions and persuades espers into transforming themselves into tools to be used in destruction and money-making. And lastly, a group named the “Normal People”, whose members are non-espers and sees powerful espers as a threat and danger to the society that they have to annihilate and destroy.


Here are the four main characters in the anime/show:


A. Koichi Minamoto – the leader of the group. He has no extrasensory ability but he has an exceptional and sensational intelligence and comprehension. He is responsible for the team’s mission, as well as the refinement and growth of the girls; Kaoru, Shiho and Aoi and their well being. Koichi Minamoto is a handsome, young man with lots of potential, making him earn the affection of the women surrounding him. Although nice and very tolerant, he can unleash a dictator demeanor when he is pushed to the limits, either by his co-workers, by the people around him or by The Children themselves.


B. Kaoru Akashi – the main protagonist of the show. She is a level – 7 psychokinetic member of The Children. She is the most careless, wild yet devoted and enthusiastic member among the three. She appointed herself as the group’s leader until the arrival of Koichi Minamoto. Earlier in the series, she believed that she is a vigorous and spirited tomboy but later on changed after the two-year time jump when she developed deeper feelings for Koichi and grows more attentive and fascinated with boys.


C. Shiho Sannomiya - she is the most sarcastic, critical, immature and savage among the three children. She is a level – 7 psychometry user which makes her the support role in the team. Shiho is scared of supernatural creatures like ghosts and spirits due to her gifted ability. After the two-year time jump, she also fell in love with Koichi Minamoto.


D. Aoi Nogami – she is the most logical, sensible and matured member of the team. She is a level – 7 teleportation user. Because of her maturity, she is more indifferent, contemptuous and uninterested most of the time, this makes her superiors irritated. Aoi is considered to be the most innocent and inquisitive among the three. She also fell in love with Koichi Minamoto after the two-year skip.


Here is a quick explanation of the psychic powers of the member of The Children:


1. Psychokinesis – this is a psychic ability that allows the bearer to enforce a movement or influence a physical action on a person or a thing without having to touch it or have physical interaction.


2. Psychometry – this is a psychic ability that allows the bearer to read the energy of a certain person, place or thing and gather information and knowledge about the subject once they touch it.


3. Teleportation – this is also considered a psychic ability but no one has yet to confirm and clarify if it is possible. Teleportation is the transferring of one matter or energy from one place to another without having to travel the space in between those points.


If you are a fan of Japanese animes, shonen manga story lines and psychic powers and abilities then this anime is for you to watch. It could help you understand more about psychic people and how their powers work. Also, there are other kinds of psychic abilities in the show that we have not listed here as it would be too many to mention.


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