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Is there such thing as free reading with a medium?

What is a Medium?


A medium is a person who claims that he or she has the ability to connect and talk to the spirits of the people who had passed on and that they could get messages, information, knowledge and details from them.


Abilities such as a medium’s would be hard to nurture and it doesn’t just show overnight. In the incorporeal and divine world, mediums are regarded and recognized as the specialists and the most adept in collecting and transferring knowledge, messages and information to and from the spiritual entities.


Mediums allow themselves to be channels which requires them to plunge and sink into a trance or a daze to enable their bodies and minds to be susceptive enough to be able to connect and communicate to a spiritual entity such as spirits, souls and demons. During the session and while in trance, mediums tend to write everything down automatically for a later reference.


What are Medium Readings?


This is what you call it if you try to book a reading and attend a session with a medium involved. Another term for this would be Seance.


All of us have experienced and would experience losing a loved one and in all honesty, it hurts so bad that you feel like it is the end of the world for yourself. Some people would just want one last chat with their loved one who passed away as if asking for a closure for them to be able to move on with their lives and continue on normally. Some people would like to even just for a moment, to relay a message to the departed loved one and say everything that they were not able to tell them while they were still living.


Free Medium Readings


Is it possible to avail a free reading from a medium? Yes, it is possible but it is not advisable. Why? Because usually, free readings are short and inaccurate. You might just be left wanting for more and eventually, you will have to pay for the service. After all, in our world today, money is everything and there are only a few things that you could get for free.


You could always try out a psychic hotline number and ask if they are offering a free reading as of the moment. They might be having a promotion of their services and usually they allow 5 – 10 minutes of phone medium readings to first time clients. But then again, sometimes, this is just an act to lure you into wanting for more information and time so you would ultimately pay for the appropriate amount after the free reading.


Nowadays, the only free thing you will get is a breath of fresh air. Also, remember that psychics, mediums, readers, seers or whatever your want to call these gifted people, are also human beings who live in a world where you would not survive without money. It is normal for them to charge you in order to survive, buy their food to be put on the table, buy personal necessities and pay important bills.

Also, remember the phrase that “you get what you paid for”, so do not expect that a free reading would be as good and as accurate as a paid reading. Some psychics or mediums would even scowl or glare at you if you inquire about a free reading.  Their gifts are like no other so it is just fine if they will ask for something in return. Think of the painters who paint on canvases and sell their paintings and those singers or performers who go on stage to present in front of millions of people but you would have to buy tickets first in order to watch them. That is just how psychics are, they sell their gifts and services in exchange for cash. Whether we like it or not, money runs our corporeal and material world.


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