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Is there such thing as free psychic and free medium readings?

What is a psychic? Basically, a psychic is a person who has extrasensory perception (ESP), or the sixth sense to most people, and intuitive abilities. The term ‘extrasensory perception’ was coined by Sir Richard Burton in 1870 but it was introduced and exposed to the public by J. B. Rhine of Duke University during his experiments and researches in 1930. The term ESP was also made popular by the researches and works of the Society for Psychical Research. A psychic has the ability to connect and enter a person’s auric field which allows them to gather and collect information and knowledge about that person. Psychics are able to see memories and details of a person’s life including the past, the present and the future. Psychics can see and feel a person’s emotions, feelings, fears and thoughts as well. However, their insights and knowledge are limited to the corporeal and tangible world as they cannot pass through or connect with the spirit realm, unless they are mediums. What is a medium? Fundamentally, mediums are people who has the ability to get connected and communicate with the spirits from the spirit realm. Mediums are intermediaries or middlemen between our tangible world and the spirit world. They are also called as “channelers” or “channels” as they allow themselves to become an instrument or a passage for the people in our world to be able to communicate and speak to the spirits of the people who passed away in the other world. Mediums could get messages either from their physical sensations, visually or audibly. Today, mediums claim that they do not need to speak directly to the actual spirit whom their clients want to speak to, they say that only focusing on the energy of that certain spirit is enough to create a connection and be able to gather thoughts, information and knowledge about the person who passed away. Is there a difference between a psychic and medium? Yes, basically, all mediums are psychics as well but not all psychics are mediums. It means that mediums also have the abilities that psychics have and they can also do whatever they can, like foretell the future, read auras and give insights about life. However, psychics are not mediums because they do not have the ability to establish a connection with the spirit realm and they cannot speak with spirits as it is beyond their capabilities and gifts. Is there such thing as a free psychic and free medium readings? There are a lot of companies online who caters and offers psychic and medium services as they have gathered psychics and mediums from all over the world and they are showcasing their gifts, talents and skills via the use of the Internet. Free reading? Well you might just want to watch out for their promotional marketing schemes as some might offer a free 3-minute reading with one of their psychics and mediums. Not bad, yes? But remember that 3 minutes would not be enough to answer whatever it is that you want to know about you, your life and what lies ahead. You will then have to call back and avail for a longer reading with the same psychic whom you spoke with. It is sometimes a company’s strategy to lure customers and clients in. Also, you might want to try psychic fairs and expos as you might find discounted psychic and medium services there because that is hat psychic fairs and expos are for. You have to keep in mind that in our world today, nothing is free anymore as everyone needs to earn money in order to survive. As what they say, you get what you pay for. Psychics and mediums are also human beings who need money and cash in order to live happily and sufficiently.


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