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Is there such thing as an accurate psychic reading?

Well, if you come to think of it, all of the people who opt to consult and book a reading with a psychic would, of course, want and desire for an accurate reading. Why would you even bother to book a psychic, pay for their reading service and sit in front of them for an hour or talk to them on the phone for quite a lot of minutes if you do not wish for an accurate and precise reading about your life and how you can improve it, yes?


The answer to the question above could be yes, but it could also be no.


No, because if we are talking about something intangible, incorporeal or unseen, then the accuracy of it must be less than 80%. Why? If a psychic would give you a reading and would tell you about your future, what he or she will tell you will be based upon how he or she connects with your energies, the vibrations and the auras surrounding you and read it. It could also be solely based on their intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.


They might or might not gather information and knowledge about you because it will depend on how experienced they are and also on how strong their willpower and concentration could be. If a psychic is very experienced, skilled and knowledgeable then there would be no problem with the reading as they might be able to concentrate on gathering what needs to be collected and reaped to be able to give their clients the reading that they paid for.


Also, the future is not set in stone and therefore, there is a big chance for it to change, it could be drastic changes or light changes. A person’s future depends on his or her actions and decisions in life, it depends on the goal that you want to reach, the path that you chose to take and the choices that you desire to make. That is why a psychic reading is never 100% accurate as everything can change in a single wrongdoing or a single sidestep that you make.


And yes, it could somehow be accurate too, like if the psychic tell you that you are on the right track so never resign and change your job so you could be successful in your career. If you follow the psychic’s advice, stayed on the company that you are working for and worked hard for the promotion, chances are you will be very successful in a few years time. And if you look back, the advice of the psychic was accurate as you became successful as he or she mentioned before.


Now, do you understand how psychic readings work? You should ever blame your psychic if his or her prediction did not come true. It still depends on you and the decisions that you make all throughout your life. Keep in mind, that aside from foreseeing the future in images, visions and shapes that they still had to decipher and interpret for you to understand and comprehend, psychics are great advisers, counselors and guides in life and they could help you reach a decision or a choice that you are having a hard time making yourself. They are good with words, and they know what id good for you and your spiritual state.

Just a reminder, psychics are also humans and they also commit mistakes. Keep your expectations low and just try to enjoy the reading. Unless they advertise that they give “100% very accurate readings”, that could mislead and build up expectations then that could be their fault.


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