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Is there such a thing as a free tarot reading?

Well, there could be free tarot card readings online, if you just intently and keenly search the internet for it. Usually, you will see an animated tarot spread on a psychic webpage that would ask for you to pick three cards from the spread. Each card from the spread will have a corresponding generic, nonspecific and broad interpretation and explanation that you will be able to read once you are done picking your cards. If you will think about it, free online tarot readings may have a generic meaning and it the reading and interpretation of the cards will be the same with anyone who visited the page and tried it, but it may also be speaking to you as you will have to pick the cards with your gut feeling or your intuition so whatever it is that you have chosen may somehow be interconnected and associated with you and your future. Although, it is never advisable to believe in such readings because it is not as accurate as any other reading.


5 five ways to provide tarot readings online


  1. Email Tarot Readings

Fundamentally, email tarot readings is where people contact you via email messaging for a reading. They message you with their name, birthday, and all their questions in life and they let you proceed with the reading. Some clients would ask the reader to take a picture of the spread that he or she used just so they could be at ease that the reader is doing his or her job.

Some of the good things about email readings is (1) you could have it anytime you want as long as there is an available psychic, and (2) you have a written record of the whole reading as it comes as an email. Email readings are for people who type fast and for those who know how to entice clients with their written skills.

  1. Audio Readings and Video Readings

Basically, audio and video readings are recorded readings that you get from the psychics. This is not a common way of doing a reading so a lot of people might actually be uncomfortable with this kind of reading.


Audio and Video recordings might just be a little better than email readings as the client won’t have to read through the message, all they have to to is to listen or watch to receive their intuitive reading. To be able to give an effective recorded reading, you must have a clear and fluent speaking voice and a nice microphone with good quality.


  1. Phone Readings

This is usually done via telephone lines and cellphone lines to connect to a psychic but another way to have a reading is via Skype calls. Skype enables you to call anyone in any part of the world as long as they also have an existing Skype account and a good internet connection. Phone readings is the best alternative to face-to-face readings as it happens live during your call with the psychic and it is easier to speak to a psychic than type the words that you meant to say.

You would have to do your research on who is the best psychic company online that you could call to have a reading with. Make sure that you are trying out a trustworthy, reliable and genuine company that you can trust to give your credit card details to because that is how you will be paying for a phone reading. Then once you have paid, choose the best psychic among the list on the company’s webpage and get started with the reading.

Online and phone readings are so in right now as they make the lives of all the people, who believe in psychics, better. It is more convenient and comfortable because you do not have to call for a schedule, go out of your house, drive a few kilometers and get stuck in traffic just to get a reading. If you are worried about the legitimacy of the readers, there are lot of genuine and authentic psychics who give online and phone readings now.



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