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Is there such a thing as a free psychic reading?

Nowadays, people have been in constant and continuous phase of having to go to a psychic for a consultation regarding the important aspects of their lives and what to do according to their current state and condition. Psychics are able to help people make important decisions in life and resolve problems and issues that befalls.


But sometimes, psychic readings could be expensive and costly especially if you need it constantly like 2 – 3 readings per week. That is why some people tend to search for an alternative in order to save money and still get the much needed insights and guidance from a psychic.


So, do free readings exist?


Yes, and no. You can possibly avail a free reading but keep in mind that it might not be as excellent and as distinct as a paid reading. Especially in our present time when you would have to pay for all the things that you consume, eat, use and basically everything in order to survive in this lifetime. Nothing is free anymore.


So how can you get a free reading?


There are actually some psychic companies who advertise and offer free readings. It may just take a quick search on the internet to find one. But there are usually some kind of special offers linked and attached to that free reading. For example, you would see a “free reading” advertisement and click on it and by the time you are done with answering the basic questions, at the end of the page it could say “$10 to access the complete reading” or something like that.


Also, the advertisement could say “free 3-minute reading...”, and you being all excited for that free reading, immediately signs up and call the psychic but after 3 minutes, you were not able to get all of the information that you need so there is a huge possibility that you will call back and ask for the same psychic to continue what has gotten cut but this time, you’ll have to pay for their basic reading fee.


Having a few minutes into a reading is not very satisfying and convincing, so you will still end up paying for the whole reading that could a minimum of 15 – 30 minutes.


Another way to get a free reading is to visit a website that says “free tarot card reading”. You will have to choose 3 cards from the automated deck and then you will get the interpretation of those cards. Some automated readings could also just ask for your full name, your birth date and your gender then once you answered, you’ll get a generic and a nonspecific numerology reading.


Usually, the automated card reading or numerology readings are used only for entertainment purposes and should not be considered and regarded as a legitimate reading because the interpretation and analysis of the reading has been pre-written, therefore it doesn’t necessarily mean that it was meant ot be written for you.


Lastly, you could also get a free reading on a psychic chat room where you just have to log in and find yourself a psychic to chat with. Although, this is not advisable because usually, the psychics in the chat rooms are either: new to being psychic, psychics practicing their abilities or someone who is just pretending to be a psychic.


As the saying goes, “you get what you paid for” and that is true. There are free psychic readings all over the internet, you just need one click and everything shows up. The problem is, it is never accurate and reliable so if you want a reading that is precise, genuine and dependable then it is best that you book an appointment with a legitimate and authentic psychic and pay the price of the reading.

Keep in mind that psychics are gifted with abilities that aren’t given to all of us. It is just reasonable that they charge people for a reading. Just think of an artist selling his painting or a singer performing at a concert. They get paid, yes? So to be fair. It is okay for psychics to be charging for their gifts.


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