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Is there a difference between a psychic and a medium?

Yes, there is a difference between a psychic and a medium. A psychic is a person who has a broad reach of senses and knowledge which surpasses a normal person’s physical senses, which are the sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of hearing and sense of touch. This is also known as the extrasensory perception, or ESP, to most people. Psychics collect and obtain information and knowledge about certain people, places, things and events just by tuning into their energies and vibrations. With this ability, psychics receive details and particulars about the past, the present and the future.


While a medium is a person who has the ability to have direct contact and communication with the spirits. They could also have psychic abilities depending on their experiences and methods.


In layman’s term, mediums may be blessed with psychic abilities but not all psychics are given mediumistic abilities. The sessions being given by psychics and mediums are known as “readings” and other people would call it as “discernment” which means to receive and to recognize.


Why would I want to see a psychic and a medium?


If you feel like you want to know more about something that happened from the past, what is happening today and things that are going to happen in the future, then you should have a consultation or a session with a psychic. Psychics would also be able to help you if you are being burdened by a big problem or if you are worried about something that would affect your life so much. They are great advisors and councilors and they offer the best guidance anyone could ever give you as they can see things that cannot be seen by our physical eyes and they can hear sounds and voices that cannot be heard by the naked ear.


And if you want to get in touch with a loved one who passed away or any spirit whom you would want to talk to then you have to contact and book a reading with a medium as it is their forte to communicate with spirits.


What should my approach or manner be during a reading?


Every time that you want to have a reading with psychics and mediums then you have to make sure that you are in a calm mood and relaxed state. Try to put your mind at ease and forget about all the stress, the worries and the negativity that surrounds you. Try to think positive and be confident about yourself. This kind of attitude and standpoint would allow the psychic and the medium to give you a beneficial and useful reading as they will be able to read you, your energy and your vibration better than being pessimistic about everything in life. Open your mind, your soul and your heart to what the psychic has to tell you.


How can I get a reading?


Well, there are quite a few ways of how you can get and book a reading with either a psychic or a medium. First, you can do it personally or a face-to-face meet up with the psychic. You will have to schedule an appointment. Second, you can do it via phone calls with a psychic. All you have to do is look for reputable and trustworthy psychic companies online, call their help desks and ask about how to avail a reading with one of their psychics. Usually, phone readings are paid via credit card transactions. Once you’ve paid, they will connect you to a psychic of you choice.

After every reading, it is best to just keep yourself from thinking and worrying about life matters. Relax and breathe and contemplate about what the psychic or the medium has told you. You will realize that you may come to a solution or a decision that you have to make sooner or later. Let yourself be enlightened and inspired by the reading.


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