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Is getting a free psychic reading for real?

What is a psychic reading?


Psychic reading is basically the meeting or discussion between a psychic and a client which we usually call a “sitter”. This happens when a person decides to turn and go to a psychic in order to obtain fresh and additional insights and understanding with regards to what they are going through as of the moment. People also call for psychics to be enlightened and encouraged to live on and take a step forward when they feel like giving up.


Psychics are able to gather and discern information from unknown sources, that is why people go to them as they could provide you with new choices and preferences. Some people think that psychics are fraudulent and charlatans but it all depends on the person whom you will go to for a reading and in your mindset as to how you will prefer and choose to think about psychic, spiritual realms and all other things that could not be seen by the naked eye.


Yes, there is a chance that a psychic might be a fraud because some of them would just pretend to have psychic abilities, even when they do not, and still proceed to give out readings to people just to rip them off and get money off their pockets. You would want to be smart and vigilant before you ask people for a reading. Make sure that they are legitimate psychics before you agree to pay for their service. Do your research and once you have confirmed that they have helped other people with their gifts, then that is the time when you would want to agree for a session with them.


Is there such thing as a “free” psychic reading?


Yes, and no.


Yes because it is all over the internet. All you have to do is search for free psychic readings, sign up with your email and then they will provide you a reading.


And no, because usually, these readings are only there to lure you to be interested in their website and once you get the free reading, it will leave you wanting for more. Free readings are usually short and generic, you will either be confused with what it means or it may cause you to feel like you want to know more about what it has to say.


So there is a big possibility that you will have to call back and inquire on how to continue that free reading that you received from them. When this happens, they will ask for your information and your credit details as the next reading will have to be paid first before you get it. Worry not, because when you pay for a reading, it is customarily more satisfying and convincing than the free reading that you receive via email.


You can also avail free readings from psychics who are just getting started and still on the stage of getting to know their abilities. They will practice with you, give you a free reading and you will still get insights and advices from them. The downside to this is that the reading might not be as accurate and precise as a reading from that of an experienced, skillful and accomplished psychic. But still, a free reading would be nice, and you can just think of it as helping the new psychics into his or her path in life.

Lastly, free readings could also be availed through promotions of psychics in psychic fairs and psychic expos. Sometimes, they reduce their service fee for up to 70% off and sometimes, they give out free readings to the first five clients or the likes. You might have to wait for these to happen but it would be worth it.


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