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Intuition: Your Best Ally

Intuition is a mental or spiritual faculty that is automatically triggered the moment some important  event that has a deep bearing on our life takes place or is about to take place. It enables the person to see, understand or learn the truth without any conscious effort. The truth appears almost involuntarily in the form of a feeling, a vision or plain understanding.

To illustrate how intuition works from a practical example, every person at some point in his or her life has experienced a feeling, a premonition of what is about to happen or has happened.

Mothers, sisters or wives often come to know even before they are officially informed that their loved ones have been either seriously wounded or killed on the battlefield.

Sometimes, we almost know who is on the other side when the bell rings on our phones, or, there is a knock on the door.

This kind of foreknowledge does not always happen. The reason for this is that even as children we are told to go only by logic and any phenomenon which can not explained by science is looked down upon. We are advised to think logically and rationally according to the conventional and social wisdom. As a result we suppress our intuitive thinking to an extent that it becomes deeply buried in our subconscious mind.

As we grow older patterns our patterns of thinking get more rigid and so it takes quite an effort to undo the ways of our ‘logical thinking’ which has got deeply entrenched over the years. But there is still a way out.

Whenever you face a problem or want an answer to a question just sit still and try to clear your mind of all the stray thoughts that clutter it. Try to listen to your inner voice. Of course, you won’t hear any voice or see any vision initially. If you do hear or see anything you will most likely dismiss it as figment of imagination.

Resist this tendency and continue with your effort to silence your mind so that you can see the flashes of divine light or hear the messages from within. It will take quite some time to attune to the original spring head of truth that lies within you. Dedication, focus, faith and perseverance are bound to pay and you will develop an intuition that characterises the seers and psychics.


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