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Introducing the World of Tarot Card Reading

The early Tarot cards refer to Picture cards. It was mentioned by Martiano de Tortona back in 1418 to 1425. E was able to describe a deck of 16 picture cards with the images of Greek Gods. It was also determined to have suits which depicted four kinds of birds. The 16 cards were known today as “trumps”. 25 years later when Jacopo Antonio Marcella proposed a game named Ludus Triumphorum. This game was considered as the game of trumps.

In today’s time, cards were modified to have to shape its view related to different fields such as philosophy, astronomy, poetry, etc. These ideas were able to contribute in literary devices treasured by historians nowadays. The Tarocchi poem which leads experts in knowing more about Tarot was known to be authored back in 1461. Here, academics trace Tarot Cards to exist in the 15th century.

Tarot cards were used in divinatory, esoteric and occult practices. It was adopted by people majoring in this field and used it as their medium of giving out readings to their seekers. It was it 1781when a man named Antoine Court de Gebelin published a study LeMonde Primitif. This Swiss clergyman’s study determines the Tarot cards as religious symbolisms. The cards were the symbolism of Tarot de Marseille that represents mysteries of Isis and Thoth.

Popular Tarot decks

In Tarocco Piemontese, a variation of Tarot cards people are using in today’s time, the following cards are considered as trump cards or simply, trumps.

Tarot de Bescancon and Swiss Tarot 1JJhave different graphical designs. It does not have Pope, Popess and the Angel. Nonetheless, it replaces the three cards with Jupiter, Juno and Judgment. Trumps were also ranked in numerical order. The Tower is also present as the House of God.

Tarocco Bolognese does not contain cards from two to five. Thus, in this deck cards number to 62. The trumps where different and not all are numbered. The four cards are equal in rank.

Tarocco Siciliano, on the other hand, replaces the 21st card with a Miseria card which symbolizes destitution. Some tramps are changed. It does not have Two and Three coins, one to four in batons, swords and cups. It number to 64 cards. The cards are having also different graphical designs and are quite small than other cards.

The deck of cards which specializes in Occult were first issued for playing .It was in Egypt, after some time,  that the 78-card paved its way to divinatory purposes. The deck is divided into two distinct parts – the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.


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