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Insights From The Psychic Eye

Psychic eye is a metaphorical phrase for psychic ability to clearly see the truth that is not otherwise visible through other ‘rational’ means or physical senses. The psychic eye is also termed as the third eye or the sixth sense. Psychic eye, in fact, is a comprehensive term that includes psychic abilities like intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, extra sensory perception, ‘anomalous cognition’ and any other psychic faculty that perceives the truth or finds a true solution to a baffling problem.

Psychic eye can pierce through the walls of time and space. It can look into the past, connect it with the present and predict the future. A true psychic eye does not just predict the future, make ominous forebodings, guarantee love spells, give the lottery numbers or help make fortunes through racing, betting, gaming and gambling in casinos. It is much more than that. It creates a positive attitude in the life of a depressed person and gives it a new direction. It gives a new lease of life and hope to a person who has lost his will to live and love. The psychic eye radiates beacon light to a man engulfed in darkness.

Psychic eye offers insight about relationships and compatibility. It devises strategies to unite the broken hearts. It creates bridges of understanding and love between apparently never meeting banks of a river. Psychic eye reveals the relevant information that can make it possible for you take difficult decisions without feeling any stress or anxiety. It makes you aware of your latent energies and gives them a positive direction so that you can live your life to its fullest potential.

The origin of the phrase of psychic ‘eye’ can also be traced to the existence of pineal gland in the central backside of the brain. The pineal gland resembles the shape of an eye ball. It was believed that the pineal gland was a powerful visual organ that had all the abilities ascribed to the psychic eye.



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