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What is the meaning of incorporeal?


The word incorporeal means not having a tangible, physical and substantial body, figure or shape. We usually use this term to refer about ghosts, spirits, souls, our God and many more religious entities from Catholicism, Christianity and Judaism. The term incorporeal cam from the Latin words, in, which means not and corpus, which mean body, and together it is “incorporeus” which literally means without body.


Long ago, anything with reduced the force such as fire, air and light could be contemplated and appraised as incorporeal. For example, the Greeks thought it likely that air is incorporeal as you could barely see its movements or actions. While the Persians thought it likely that fire is incorporeal and they also believed that every one of our souls came from it.

In science, it has been debated by a lot of people or scientists that incorporeal bodies does or does not exist. Simply because one matter could only affect, touch or feel another matter because their physical bodies touch. Unlike when one does not have a physical form or shape, it could not create a form of contact, thus supporting the theory that an incorporeal body does not exist. But of course, science does not believe in anything that lacks proof and evidence including paranormal phenomenons and supernatural events that occur, unless one can scientifically and logically explain how these things are happening in our physical world.


Our Soul


Theoretically, if we talk about the certain things such as the human body being corporeal and the spirits, deities and God to be incorporeal, our soul falls on being the incarnate being or entity in our substantial and physical world.

We cannot really declare and argue that our soul is incorporeal just because we see it plainly and unmistakably different and definite from the human body but it has no physical form, and it is also another thing to accept and support the Platonic notion that our soul is absolutely incorporeal or that it doesn’t have any form at all.


What is a Platonic incorporeal?


A Platonic incorporeal is something that could not be perceived, sensed or recognized by a human being’s five basic senses which are the sens of touch, sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of taste, and sense of hearing and it is not matter so it does not occupy any physical space. According to Alcuin, our souls could not be seen by the naked eye, incorporeal, has no weight and no color. He also stated that our soul is restricted and limited only to our bodies and it cannot be found or seen anywhere else, but nevertheless it is still in all parts of us. That is to say, according to the Platonic notion, our souls are neither scattered and spread out in the universe, not much like our God, nor is it dispersed and scattered all over a definite space to a certain extent that it could be divided.

Types of incorporeal beings


Here are some incorporeal beings that does not possess a physical form or body; or has a special ability to co-exist with the human being in the physical world even without a physical body; or possesses their form or body but is in another dimension.


  1. Angel – these are the supernatural and spiritual beings produced and designed by God to protect, communicate and guide the human beings.

  2. Apparition – these are spirits that can be seen by the human beings or by the naked eye, although sometimes they are just blurred visual or sometimes they show up in dreams.

  3. Banshee – Banshees are female spirits or fairies that roams around at night and cries loudly to warn the people around of imminent and forthcoming death.

  4. Elemental – These are spirits of nature that portrays or characterizes one of the four elements, which are earth, fire, water and air.

  5. Ghost – an intangible and insubstantial being who were human beings before the death of their physical bodies on Earth.

  6. Jinn – These creatures are believed to be shapeshifters and they can take on any shape of a living creature like animals and human beings.

  7. Jumbee – These are known to be evil and malevolent spirits lurking in the physical realm.

  8. Nightmare – Nightmare are evil demons who haunt the human being in their sleep and cause night traumas, sometimes even causing death and paranoia.

  9. Phantom – Phantoms are a kind of apparition that only appears inside a person’s mind or in dreams at night while sleeping.

  10. Poltergeist – These are known to be evil and malicious spirits that tend to make a lot of noise and attracts the attention of mostly children.

  11. Shadow Cat – These are believed to be human beings who are already dead but are still lurking around the physical realm, taking the form of a cat.

  12. Shadow People – evil entities who appear to be vague or blurry in the naked eyes that kind of resemble a human being but also kind of different.

  13. Soul – Souls are believed to be the immortal part of human beings from their birth but separates with the bodies when their physical bodies die.

  14. Specter – Almost the same as a phantom, also visible to a human being’s naked eye.

  15. Spirit These are spiritual beings like angels, fairies, etc that can be seen or communicated with by the people with high level of perception. It is also believed that it is also an important part of every human being.

  16. Wraith – This usually shows as an apparition but it comes as a warning that death is coming to either the one seeing it or the people around the person who is seeing it.

Incorporeal beings may or may not be true as there is no scientific explanation if they exist or if they do not. Although, there are gifted people such as psychics and clairvoyants, who claim to have seen or have talked to spirits and souls and they are also gaining extra knowledge and information when they do. Now, it is up to you if you will believe them or not. Just keep an open mind and always remember that the universe is such a big place and many of its parts are still unknown, so be open to new and interesting facts, details and elements.


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